Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Dear 2017....with, Love

Its been exactly one year since I've made an appearance here on the Diary. And boy, you wouldn't believe what last year has been like, even if I told you. I've stayed quiet because it has been very important for me to put all my energy to stay positive, and there's been moments I didn't do so well so my focus has been elsewhere. 
There's been times I've wanted to jump on here and share the things I've been going through but if you can believe it, I wasn't sure how to explain it. My biggest regret has been that I haven't been journaling it. But, there's still time. I think there's some things I can share that may be insightful and maybe help some of you, or at the very least give you a GOOD story to read. So that may still be in the works. 
But for now, I've decided to start this NEW YEAR off with a post about my top 5 must-have faves from 2016 that I think all of you should try for 2017. 

So let's get to it!

ALL of my faves are very affordable being as though I've had to be super crafty with living my life extremely cheap. With that being said, I couldn't waste my money on things I didn't love, so I promise these items are worth a shot for you to try too!

I'm ADDICTED to these lip glosses! They are from Rimmel. The retail for $2.99 at Walmart but I've seen them at all major drug stores where Rimmel is sold. 
I gave these out to a few of my favorite people for Christmas because I love them so much, not to mention they are super cute!! The color is very light and transparent. Even the purple one is very subtle and almost clear with a very light tint. 
The nude and clear are must-have, carry on me, all the time ones. 


Next up! These OGX Penetrating Oils are perfect for hydrating your hair. I hate anything oily or greasy that goes in my hair, but I decided to try these (after squeezing a tiny bit out on to my hand in the store) because they are so smooth and light. The directions specifically say to only apply to damp hair half way down your head and avoid your scalp. It's made my hair so soft with ZERO weight or greasy effect. If you're a blonde I would get the Lavender Platinum, but for all hair colors the Coconut Oil will be amazing for you. 
I found these at Target in the section with all the travel size beauty items for $2.99! 
They are 3.3 fl.oz. sizes and a little goes a long way. Everything about these little gems is perfect. 


Snuggle Scent Boosters! I love these little suckers. FIRST, I should tell you that if you are not familiar with these they are for your WASHER, not the dryer. I almost through one in the dryer and realized at the last second they were for the washer.... lol yep, in the nick of time. 
These may have been around for a little bit but i'm just getting around to trying them finally.
Now, I know Downey makes something similar, Downey Unstoppables, but Snuggle gets my vote. It's a little contained packet you throw in the washer instead of a cup full of loose little dots. Plus these are only $3.97 for 26 loads and for 2 bucks more you can get 52 of them. Downey Unstoppables are more expensive and I like the Snuggle scents better. 

I got this Tocca, Florence, perfume in a sample box I received and not only do I love it but everyone around me does too. I've had men and women stop me and ask what scent i'm wearing. Florance happens to be a light gardenia/honeysuckle scent. I've been trying to make the bottle last me as long as I can so I only use a very quick half way kinda mist, and that alone is plenty!
They have an amazing collection in this set below with all their fragrances. You can get all 10 of these good sized travel sprays for $39 on Amazon or

These are my new FAVE candle! ALL of the scents are amazing. They are long lasting and smell perfect. I'm a big on candles, I usually have at least 4 going all the time when i'm home and these burn up to 33 hours! This one is a medium size one at 10 oz. and retails for $4.99 at Marshall's and TJ Maxx. When ever I've been in they have tons to choose from. They also come in mini's and a larger 2 wick size. RUN to scoop up a few yourself as soon as you can. 

This list originally started off a lot bigger and I had to cut it down to not overwhelm you guys, so these are 5 top picks of my fave finds from 2016. 

As we move into the new year i'll share random must-haves with you and I'll also feature my must follow webs and profiles on social media for the best items and looks. 

If you have something you can't live without share it with us here, we would love to see it!

Loves & Hugs