Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Women Crush Wednesday

A couple weekends ago my honey got a "special" copy of the movie Trainwreck. 

If you haven't seen this yet you HAVE to. I loved it! It's the perfect amount of funny and love story all wrapped up. Amy Schumer is the best. 

There's parts where I caught myself questioning if I've really done or said that... Most times I really haven't but in some aspect we can relate to everything in this movie from either ourselves or from our friends. 
I've never really thought of Bill Hader in a love interest role but he's believable and will win your heart. 
Go watch it now! 😀 

A little secret of mine is that I absolutely love Margot Robbie. And I finally got to see Focus. It's not Wolf of Wallstreet amazing but it's got a good story and entertaining. She's easy to watch, and Will Smith isn't bad either. This movie will leave you holding on to your purse a little tighter when you're out. 
It's worth a watch from redbox... Go do it. 

Margot is currently on the cover of Elle mag. That's worth a flip too... You may end up loving her as much as I do 😉 
Hugs & Loves

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