Thursday, August 21, 2014

50 Healthy Habits

The Diary is getting a facelift!

If you know me personally you know it's hard for me to not to share surprises... I did my best to keep this under wraps and I wanted to give a sneak peek of my new logo (above)!

I will officially be launching a new website that will more "real" and user friendly to you and me in about a month or so. 

This time around there's going to be a lot more interaction with you, my fellow CG's, and posts you will be able to rely on to keep your eye out for. I'm takin this thing to the next level and I hope it becomes something you look forward to reading each week! 

I know some of you are my original followers and I love you for it, so I hope you're all ready for an even better Diary!

These 50 habits are a pretty good guide for us, however, since I can be known to break a rule or two... or three, I definitely break a few of these, but at least I know it! 

If you love my new logo as much as I do and need some art work of your own done, please contact Breanne at www.breanndemack,com, she's the genius that brings my ideas to life!