Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The English Roses

In 2003 I bought a book I liked thinking I could pass it on and share with my daughter, whenever that may be. I had the book tucked away and it always manages to surface here and there when I'm looking for something. This time I came across it while moving this last time (and I really hope this is the last time I move). I sat down and read it for the second time the other day.
Since the book was born in 2003, Madonna, who is the author, had created a series of 12 books about The English Roses.
I think it's a very important book for little girls. The English Roses is a group of girls that learn a lesson about being nice to other girls instead of judging them without knowing them first. VERY important, right?

I recently skimmed thru the list online of the other 12 books it seems as though Madonna has stuck with these girls right up until one gets married in the 12th book.
As early as your little girls can comprehend a story I think all of you should be sharing this book and the others with your pretties. I plan to get all 12 books. And since by my 36th year I don't have a little pretty of my own, I plan to borrow my brothers and share this book with Miss Keira as soon as he's old enough.

I came across this picture in a photo album my mom had and I had to steal it. I think I'm about 6 years old in it. (it's a 30 year old photo, holy shit!!) I'm at my grandma's house, which was my favorite place to be.
She was always so good about reading books to me and my brother and buying us books.
Don't get The English Roses book on your phone or other device, go buy the hard cover REAL book. The drawings and colors are much better in person and it will give you a REAL moment of reading with your pretty, instead of looking at a screen together.
It's hard for me to give up hard books. I love turning the pages and seeing the pictures and words in person.

Here is the Amazon link for The English Roses.

Loves & Hugs

Monday, May 6, 2013

Four the Record

Since I now have a commute to and from work, again, and 25 minutes of my 40 min drive is in a canyon, I don’t get reception to have radio. I’ve quickly gotten super bored with my current iTunes selection. However, there is one album that never lets me down. I wanted to give y’all enough time to get it yourself so I didn’t have to do too much convincing about how awesome it is when it came out.
Since her and her hubby have become so big in the last year or two it shouldn't be a surprise when I tell you about Four the Record by Miranda Lambert. I've been a fan or hers from the start. I have almost every song she ever did in my playlist. The fact that she’s got another band now of 3 rad girls is only a bigger benefit to us cause we get to hear more of her amazing tunes. J LOVE The Pistol Annies. I’ll be all over their new album this week.
You HAVE to get Four the Record. There’s really no way you can go another day without it in your playlist. If you have it, YAY!!! and I’m sure you’re in full agreement. If you’re feeling extra adventurous you can get (that’s if you don’t already have it) Revolution, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (and you can’t leave out Kerosene) albums too and shuffle all of them and it’s even funner. J

Here’s the track list, which are all perfectly awesome (I love when a whole CD is good):
1. All Kinds of Kinds
2. Fine Tune (MY FAVORITE. When I hear this song it makes me think of a dark room with 3 candles lit, a chair, a feather, and my one man audience. It just has that “feel”.  J)
3. Fastest Girl In Town
4. Safe
5. Mama's Broken Heart
6. Dear Diamond
7. Same Old You
8. Baggage Claim
9. Easy Living
10. Over you
11. Look At Miss Ohio
12. Better In The Long Run
13. Nobody's Fool
14. Oklahoma Sky
15. Hurts to Think (Bonus Track)

On a side note: She’s connected to the Junk Gypsy ladies. They design MOST things for her. Including a crazy fun Airstream trailer they call “Roadside Bar & Pink Guitar”.
If you’re not familiar with them you can take a website joyride right here: www.gypsyville.com
They also designed and decorated Miranda & Blake’s wedding. It’s the funnest, most creative setting. These photos are from their wedding.

 You should “like” Junk Gypsy on Facebook and follow them on Pinterest. You will be super inspired to use your own junk and repurpose it instead of throwing it out. I’m always looking for a different purpose for things I have and these ladies make it look so easy, I love it! You can also catch them on Garage Sale Wars on HGTV this Friday, May 10th. 

 Aside from how much I love my Miranda songs, I am in need of some new downloads for my drive everyday. Please share with me what music you recently downloaded or have had in your playlist that you think me and everyone else needs to have!! Click the comment button below or post it in the comment of my FB post and thanks for sharing!

Loves & Hugs

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Spring into Summer

Hello my CG’s!

Summer is a month and a half away! Although some of these spring days have felt like summer, I definitely needed a few items to help me prepare for the real thing and enjoy spring! I came across a few must have items that I thought I would share with you guys.

First up! Almay Eraser Sticks
Almay came up with this genius idea of a cotton swab with BUILT IN makeup remover. The stick is filled with make remover solution and you bend the tip with the purple stripe gently and it amazingly fills the other end of the swab with solution. It’s a non-greasy, oil-free formula; perfect for removing or fixing smeared mascara on your lower lashes (cause you can look like a 2 day hooker by 5pm with lower lash mascara, that’s why I stopped wearing it) or removing eyeliner or lipstick or any kind of touch up or removal!
Comes in a small clear snap case of 24 swabs. Around $4. It’s splurgie item for sure, but SO awesome and convenient. You should be dying to try them. J

Next; Garnier Moisture Rescue, Refreshing Gel-Cream
I got this at the end of last year and used it a few times but have been using it every morning for the last month. It’s moisturizer/hydrator in a gel form. I don’t always like using my fingers a scooper or dabber (but feel free), so I use a small cosmetic brush to put smalls dots at the usual spots on my face and then rub in! It’s cool on your skin, and a little goes a long way. It’s perfect for under your face lotion (so you can still get the SPF from your moisturizer) for spring and summer! 
About $7. I pretty much love it.

And now… my secret weapon!
Physician’s Formula Bronze Booster powder.
This little bottle with it’s fun sprayer is a blessing. It gives you a fine mist of bronzy color with a little shimmer. I use it on my face, neck, chest and even the tops of my shoulders and sides of my arms when I wear a tank (since my tan has yet to arrive) and then I blend lightly and quickly with a cosmetic powder brush.

It’s a temporary lifesaver, I think it’s bad ass. J
An easy $9 to spend considering it sprays in such a fine mist (dry) that the little bottle holds a lot. I use it like a freak and it’s barely down a ¼.

Added Bonus: 
L’Oreal Magic Lumi
It’s a brightening cream. You use a very very tiny dot, not a drop, but a dot. And you use it to highlight your cheek bones and other areas that you wanna glow. I put it on the top and bottom lines of my blush area and then on my cheek bones. It’s a fancy kinda thing so I don’t use it all the time, but when I do it’s amazing. It’s got a shimmery texture and when you apply it, it looks “glowy”, know what I mean?

Go get it, you’ll see.
I hear it’s a trick of the celebs. Slims your face and brightens, all for $9. J


Loves & Hugs