Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Laws of Attraction

This month, 4 years ago I made a hard decision to move. Not to terribly far. But any time you move away from your family and friends the distance feels huge, even if it’s a little.
It was my first time in 31 years of living alone. I moved to Valencia and got a place to live all by myself, alone, just me. Oh, and the Sugar Mama. J
The commute to work was a drag and I wanted to meet new people and try to date, successfully.
So, off I went.
The 45 min  distance put a strain on some relationships I had. Some I lost, and some stayed in-tact and grew stronger. But in the 4 years time, I have gained some people that I cannot live without. I met some amazing people that have added happy shiny brightness to my life.

When I moved, I sat in my apartment one night and made this board. Laws of Attraction was a huge thing at the time, maybe still is, and I made this to try to positively channel the things I wanted and was looking for to make the purpose of my journey successful.

 If you take a good look you’ll see the things I was looking for in life. I was feeling a little misplaced at the time, so I thought of things I wanted and slapped ‘em on here (a few have fallen off in the couple times I moved).

I’m going to explain them all. It’s pretty clear I think. J There’s one or two things left on here I’m still trying/waiting for, but basically I did pretty well.

I was lucky and met my honey fairly quickly. I moved in April and met him in September. After that, the rest of my journey has been with him by my side. We were inseparable from the start. Over the last 3 ½ years we have encountered some trying times for sure. But I suppose things that go to perfectly are a sign of something wrong. (I’m just gonna go with that)
I got knocked down to size a few times before some of these came to me, but some things take more work then others I guess.

So now it’s come full circle and we have moved back to where I came from. It was his idea, I was against it. But since I love the people and love my new home, I have warmed up to it. I plan to work on growing some relationships that are a favorite from my past and also water the new ones that I can’t live without.

I can’t seem t o throw  this away. So I plan to make a new board, when I do I’ll save this picture and toss the board (I think). The items will be different this time around and I’ll share it once its created!

just a few of my fav pics that are a good depiction of us. 

Loves & Hugs