Friday, March 22, 2013

Violent Eyes

I typically tell you about products that are amazing and I love, however, this time is different.

I got these “eye liner” appliqués off a Hautelook sale called, Violent Eyes.
I saw them and freaked out, like these might be my new favorite thing. I was sadly wrong. I ordered black glitter and silver glitter. 

They had other colors, but I felt to try them I was safe with silver and black; but now I have these damn things and they suck. It SHOULD have been a great idea but they fell crazily short  of amazing.
They are stickers. Plain and simple. WHO wants a sticker for eye liner? I don’t need anything else I apply to my face that MAY fall off while in front of someone talking, or, doing anything for matter.
I can’t even show you a photo of what happened when I tried to apply one cause it was a disaster. 

The instructions are written as clues, not instructions.
I give everything a second and third chance, but these, are a waste of time trying to perfect.

One of my besties gave me eye shadow applications called COLOR ON PRO, a couple years ago for my birthday. I often forget I have them, but when the Violent Eyes failed me I remembered how awesome the COLOR ON were! Its actual power all perfect and pretty on a strip and it goes on your eye lid very easy; you peel it off and then blend the color lines together with a brush. 

I’ll tell you guys all about those next time I have somewhere to go that I can wear them too. They are kinda wild so they aren’t an everyday or casual weekend thing. But I just got all re-excited about them, so I’ll do that soon!
VERY excited about the new COLOR ON PRO products, they have smooth shimmers and glitters!! Is there anything else better then glitter? NOPE.
The crazy thing about the Violent Eyes is that they pictures they have posted and on the product look SO easy and good, but they must be computer generated rather than actual photos. But it’s a mess, and the stickers gets all weird and stuck together. IF you don’t get it perfect the first time that strip is done.
And what’s SCARY, is they have Violent LIPS. Really? Stickers on your lips? 

I think that’s where I draw the line, especially since the eyeliner strips suck. I love leopard, but I dunno if I walk around with it on my lips! They have all kinds of crazy patterns for lips. Bizarre, but here’s the link if you want to check it out. 
Tell me how you feel about lip stickers in the comments!

March BirchBox up next!! (you're pretty much gonna love it) :)

Loves & Hugs

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