Thursday, March 28, 2013

March BirchBox!

March BIRCH! Yay!!
I know it seems like a while since my last box, in January, but I didn’t get the Feb box due to a few lame reason on my part and theirs. So, I was happy when March arrived.
 My apologies for laggin on sharing it with you. The good thing is that it will only be two weeks till the April on arrives and I will be ON IT to show y’all. J

Here’s my March Box:


 Whish Shave Cream (smaple tube)

Regular size is $20

I have used almost the whole thing already. Smells really good and seems to be a good cream. Whish also has an Inhibiting Gel; you apply it after drying off and it slows hair growth. Sounds too good to be true. I’m totally intrigued by it.

 BeneTint by BeneFit (one use sample)
The regular size is $26
It’s a lip and cheek tint. It’s a one color fits most.


Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Protectant. (one use sample)
There is a whole Eight Hour line. The name is self explanitory. The Protectant is for areas of the face and even elbows and heels. Its for diminishing  redness from a sunburn or as an extreme moisturizer for super dry areas. They also suggest to use it on your eyebrows to tame them and keep them looking perfectly groomed.
Regular size 1.7 oz is $19.50

Stella Candate, Miss Me parfume. (small spray sample)
Smells amazing. I hadnt heard of this one before. So I’m a new fan!
Regular size bottles are very reasonable.
$65 for a 30ml spray bottle
$35 for a roller bottle. (pictured)

 Madewell Floral Nail File (full size) (pictured in box above)

It’s a nail file. Nothing to out of the ordinary. But its cute.
Regular price $5. (not sure I love it for $5)

Twistband Hair tie.
I think people love these, right? You can tie your hair up and it doesn’t leave dents in your hair.
I got the mint green color. They come in a pack of 6 $19.

It’s the best $10 bucks I’ve spent all month.
A little more info on how it works. BirchBox selects roughly 50 products. You will get 5-6 of a random selection out of that months selected products. Each month you can buy any of the selected products and get free shipping since it’s a featured item in that month. You can go to the site and view the list for that month and see what you didn’t get in your box (I just found this out this month,  it was easier for me to search the items so I decided to give you actual pics of each item). There’s always a ton of stuff I wish I would have gotten, but I’m happy with the items they selected for me. J

If you are interested in getting your own BirchBox each month send me your email address and I can send you an invite. Like I mentioned before, if you sign up on your own you get put on a waiting list and it takes a couple months to be accepted. It’s a shorter wait time if I invite you and I think we both get a bonus!
I would recommend any of these items to you if it was something you were looking for. J
Loves & Hugs


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