Monday, February 18, 2013

Popular Pins ♥

If you don't follow me on Pinterest you're seriously missing out. (ha! of course, right?) You can do so by clicking the button to the right that says "Glitter Me This".

More times then none I have a pin that goes crazy! I pin a photo to one of my boards that's most appropriate and then it goes viral. This happens so often I thought it would be fun to share my "Popular Pins" with you guys. So, this will be a new topic to keep your eye out for. 

If you're familiar with Pinterest then you know that if you pin a photo it goes into the main boards with you as the pinner.... until the next person pins it and then it's listed with their name. However, yours still remains there somewhere. So for as many pins as my pin got, I can only imagine how many pins the pic gets in total as a whole. I'm sure there's a way to see how many TOTAL pins a pic gets but I didn't go that far. I just care abut how many the one I pinned gets. :)

SO. Here is the lucky photo for this week. 

I pinned this to my "Just plain cute" board. My email blew up for this photo.
It's clear why this photo is so crazy cute. It was re-pinned from me 119 times. That's a record for any of my pins, that's why I thought it was perfect to use as the starting photo to my post topics.

This photographer, Heidi Hope, is in Rhode Island. You can view her site at

We are all so driven and effected by photography. Its a really power art. When you find someone that has what it takes to capture moments in time that become perfect still memories it's priceless, you have it forever. This photo speaks for itself on why it got 119 pins just from me.
But since Miss Heidi Hope is so far from me and most of my readers, I will tell you about a lovely little friend of mine that has that keen eye I was referring to. CH Photography on Facebook is Cindy Hesselton.

This is her super cute little boy Ryan. She's one of the sweetest people you will meet, she will give you everything she's got to give you perfect snap shots. 
She photographs everyone and will come to you or go where ever you feel is a perfect back drop for your occasion. 

If I only knew her when I was doing flowers.... hmmmm.... that sounds like something I may need to think about. ;-)

Click the link I provided above for CH Photography and "Like" her page to keep up to date on all her happenings, and call her for your next photo opp!!

watch out for my next "Popular Pin"!

Loves & Hugs

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