Sunday, February 17, 2013

BirchBox has arrived!!

After a long wait on their waiting list I was finally invited to join BirchBox. The past few months I've hated the mail, so I have been heavily anticipating this and was excited to share it with all of you each month as well.
Every month I will get a box of sample items. I'm a little behind on sharing January's with you as February's will be on its way soon.

Here's what it looks like when it arrives and what's inside. :-)

Then you open it and get this...

Then the goodies are revealed!

Here's it is!!

Model Co. Lip Gloss (full size) Berry Pink
Viva La Juicy Sample Perfume
Frownies Rose Water Hydrator Spray (2oz bottle)
Uber Roasted Nut Roll
My Multipurpose Mattifying Moisturizer

Some of the samples will be full size and some will be actual sample size. It goes with out saying that I LOVE the Juicy perfume. I have tried the rose water spray and its refreshing; but iIve never really been into hydrator sprays. I LOVE the lip gloss. It looks like a scary pink color but goes in sheer, it's bad ass. I still need to try the moisturizer and I will probably give the peanut bar to the boyfriend, I don't do nutty bars, he'll be pumped tho.:)

 If your interested in receiving a BirchBox of you own you can email me and I can send you an invite for expedited acceptance. It's $10 a month and you get a random selection of items to try. You can also purchase the full size product from BirchBox for FREE shipping if its something you've received or is on the list for that month. If you have questions just email me or go to Birchbox.

Loves & Hugs

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  1. I wear that perfume...its amazing! I must learn more about this birchbox!