Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Look of Satisfaction

I LOVE buying gifts. Love it. Especially birthday gifts. Christmas gifts I get kinda stressed cause there's so much to buy and it takes so long cause I have to make sure each one is special in some kind of way. Shopping for kids is my favorite (aside from buying things for my honey) because you look for things they will like and imagine the look on their face when they see it. I absolutely love the look on my nephews face when he opens a gift from me. When we have my honey's daughter over and she sees her presents for the first time and opens ones from us its so fun to see how excited she gets...
It makes me think about when my parents had to do the same thing for my brother and I. I know for a fact I didn't appreciate the work and thought that went into them doing the shopping and presenting it all to us. I was a brat a time or two for sure. It upsets me that I was like that knowing now how hard I try to get the same reaction my parents were striving for. I just try to make up for it now with what I give.
My mom is the best gift giver ever. I learned from her; making something special for someone and making them smile. She's taught me to give a gift that may not even cost much but is sooo stinkin cute and special its the best thing you've been given.

Christmas happens way to fast for how much we preapare for it and wait for it to get here.

I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas. I'm REALLY looking forward to New Years... I need a little bit of a do over on somethings for sure and look forward to a fantasic year.

Loves & Hugs

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