Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Dog Days are Over...

I have this odd secret love for Florence and the Machine. I'm intrigued by her. And I'm most certain no one sounds like her or can mimic her sound.

But, last week when I watched The voice a couple girls battled it out to Dog days are over with the ever so perfectly entertaining Blake Shelton's assistance. (Him and Miranda are two of my favorite people)
The girls did good enough to not ruin the song for me, thank god.

The song is unusually addictive. I can only listen to it blaring; it's that kind if song that's infectious enough to make you dance like a freak and sing along.
Try it, you'll forget about what you were doing prior to starting the song, which is good for me right now cause whatever is in my head these days I like to forget and leave it behind. :-)

Here's the Florence Video and The Voice attempt is below it :-)

Happy weekend everyone!

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