Friday, August 3, 2012

Everyday Ballet

I feel like I'm a little behind on the ballet shoe slipper fad. The only flat shoes I wear are flip flops; and even then sometimes I try to find cute ones with a small heel that work for whenever everyday. Victoria Beckham once said "I wear heels everyday, it helps me concentrate and pay attention and I feel sexier".

I haven't bought a pair of the ballet flats because the ones I have seen look so lazy to me. When I see girls that wear them they are always beat up and aren't cute patterns or colors.

There's a little store by me that I love, Francesca's Collection. They have the perfect gatherings of cute stuff. Shoes, tops, dresses, jewelry, and all cute things that are random... Like, wine bottle toppers and funny magnets to journals and funny adult flash card games to play when you have people over. They have a website too,
While I was in there the other day I saw a pair of ballet flats that may have changed how I feel about them.... I have been thinking about them ever since I saw them and have tried to imagine how often and what I would wear them with. Since summer is almost over (sadly, let's not even talk about that yet) I'm hoping these cute little gems go on sale so I can scoop them up and join a craze that's been passing me by.

I'm curious how you feel about these and the ones you may or may not have... share your thoughts :-)

I ended up getting the Smooch Proof lip stain I told you about in the Forever Freesia..... It's pretty much my favorite thing right now, GO get one :-)

Lovesy Hugs <3>