Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Smooch Proof

I know most of you know that I have a stupid big collection of lip gloss. And my search still continues for great glosses cause I believe you never have enough and there's always something new coming out.

Sometimes our lip gloss purchases are a gamble and I have a morgue of bad glosses, BUT, I recently got super lucky with this one. I took a chance on a long wearing lip stain. I remember wearing the cover girl version way back in the day, and let me tell you, that stuff stays on even when you don't want it to! I woke up like a cheap date with it still on in the mornings.... that was a little to "long weraing" for me.
New York Color is an inexpensive collection (althought I don't really like anything else from them) you can get at the drug store or Walmart and this Smooch Proof 16 Hour lip stain is perfect! It doesn't stay on for 16 hours, (not sure why they can't just be real about how long it stays on for... I'm totally fine with it staying on for 5 or 6 hours max, I guess it wouldn't sound like a good selling point) but it stays on long enough for you to eat, drink and smooch when your out doing whatever it is your doing. I LOVE IT!
I have "never ending nude" and think my next one may be "forever freesia". It's $4.99 so you cant go wrong choosing from one of these colors to try. The tip is like a felt tip pen and goes on perfect.


Happy Tuesday! <3

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