Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The NEW old ME


To all my regular readers, I'm sorry I fell off the blog planet for so long, but I'm back for your reading pleasure! To all my new readers, welcome and hope you enjoy the blogging journey your about to embark on with me.

I'm going to talk about myself and get it out of the way since its my first post in almost a year, then after that you can rely on daily/weekly topics and product reviews that I hope will make you laugh and be useful to your life in some way.

I won't bore you with ALL the details, but I was laid off 4 weeks ago and it ended up being a blessing in disguise... During the last 3 months of working I experienced some heart breaking personal medical problems and with all the stress at work it made for a rough patch up to the month of May. Prior to my last job some of you may remember I was unemployed for a year and it was awful. But this time it's GREAT!

My position was eliminated due to lack of revenue in the company. We won't talk about the guy that flew in from Chicago to lay me off rented the biggest and most expensive Mercedes Benz I had ever seen.... But, yeah. Regardless, life is good and I feel great thanks to being relieved of a stressful job and loosing 20 lbs. For a long while I was carrying around about 15 lbs spread out all over me; i dont think i was fat, but it was just enough weight to make me feel uncomfortable. Now, 20 lbs are gone and it's helped how I feel about myself and my outlook on what's next in life for me.

A few things you can look forward too each week on my blog is "Website Wednesday" and I'm bringing back "Fabulous Friday"!

So, like the image says above, Don't forget to be Awesome! If there is something bothering you or holding you back from something, make an effort to fix or change it; even if it's a small effort or it's a small thing your trying to conquer.

You can view all last years posts by clicking "older posts". :-)

Talk to you soon <3



  1. omg. So good to see you back! You sound great and look Beautiful! But of course...I guess I'm prejudice because I'm Cute Girl's mom. Have fun with your blog again. I'm sure I'll be getting some good fun advise on all kinds of things, looking forward to it. Love you my darling daughter. xoxo

  2. You Are Awesome! My Lil Sis has the right idea! Love you madly. . .XOXO