Monday, July 16, 2012

Drop kick Tom

Last week I went to my eMags on my iPad and this was waiting for me to download...
My first reaction was "how awesome" this cover was (i'm kind of a magazine cover snob-InStyle sucks these days)... And my second thought was, "what timing!!!"....

They do the cover stories for mags a couple months ahead of when they actually appear.
SO, since Kate decided (or so I it looked to us anyway) to drop kick Tom in a matter of minutes I'm really curious what she may have had to say a few months back on his interview.... I havent seen this on the stands yet so hopefully I'm showing you first :-) (unless it came out over the weekend while I was obssessing over Kenny Chesney)
I haven't actually read it yet cause when I downloaded it I was so tired, it was like, 1 am and I needed to sleep. If she says anything profound I will report back immediately; otherwise keep your eyes peeled for this and pick it up, theres other good stuff in this issue too :-)
With the eMags you get to see the alternate covers so I posted that one for y'all too. Your welcome :)
Happy Monday! <3

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