Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A lil' Sugar...

In honor of attending this concert tonight I couldn't help but post this. I'm super excited to hear all their songs but this one is one I choose to single out. Not sure why they never filmed video for it.. even if the screen was black the words are good enough to just listen to.

She makes me wanna have a southern accent...

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Tru Grit

I LOVE summer! I have gotten a late start to it, but plan to do as much as I can with it while its here... plus I need to work on my tan :)

To follow up on the "small light at the end of the tunnel" from Doing 34, below; the light ended up being super BRIGHT.

After the last time we moved I thought I wouldn't have to move for a couple years. But of course I was wrong. After quitting my job last June and my "plan" not going as planned, life was very difficult to keep up with. We finally made the decision to move in May to downsize and save money. Well, not really save money, but to at least have money left over to be able to live with each month. Once we picked a place, the day we got the keys to move I got a call for a new job. I had been on three interviews and took and a sales personality test and then a forth interview then all the background stuff they finally called with the offer.
We start moving, which was hell, and I started my job a week or two after the move. I ended up starting the job 1 day before the day I quit my job last year. Weird, right?
After all the struggling and job hunting and trying to figure out how to not loose everything we owned, this job ended up being a diamond in the rough. I couldn't have gotten luckier. Perhaps it's my gift for toughing it out and making ends meet when they actually didn't meet for an entire year giving up everything outside of just staying home all the time and eating horribly cause we couldn't afford any different.
We now have a smaller place that costs way less and money coming from all angles.
They provide a company car, a cell phone, a laptop, a gas card and an expense account. Que the super BRIGHT light.
After re-grouping from the move, being the new person at work and learning a whole different type of business and catching up on everything we had been putting off, I can finally try to get over all the items I sold and pawned over the last 9 months and just accept that it had to be done and carry on.

My honey and I have moved mountains together thru all this and I couldn't imagine going thru it with anyone different.

4th of July weekend we finally hit the pool for the first time this summer and was able to relax and enjoy every minute of our time with no worries and look forward to more and what's to come.