Monday, May 16, 2011

Doing 34

I know all of you are just sitting around taping your feet waiting for my next post... right? :)

I'm on a serious mission to find out to how to do 34. I don't think I did 33 very well. It started ok then I was seriously derailed. I'm holding on to the saying "what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger"... although, i'm pretty sure just a lil of me somewhere deep down was actually killed but i'm in the rebuilding stages and I see a lil tiny peep hole of light at the end of the tunnel.

I have learned, even more so, life is so unpredictable and you have to choose your choices wisely, one decision may be affected by something you can't see.... You'd think I would know this from everything else I have experienced.... but guess not.
It's like when I PMS every month i'm STILL so amazed by how shitty it makes me feel and it's been happening for 20 YEARS!

So, my mom calls me about a month ago and she is watching the Today Show and tell me turn it on. I had already left the house so I couldn't. She tells me there is this book I need to get... and as she is telling me about it, she is so cute, she tells me I need to write a book.... she goes on and on about this book. It's called "The EveryGirl's Guide to Life"... I look it up online later and it looks cute and is full of fun tips and life stuff. The book is by Maria Menounos, the cute lil Access Hollywood host.
My mom got me the book for my birthday and that night I cracked it open... this book couldn't have come at a better time. I read the introduction it was practically SHOUTING at me. She talks about stuff we can ALL relate too and makes you want to be and do whatever she says.
She has these "EveryGirl" Mottos like;
"Be proactive, not reactive"
"If you're dying. Remain open to learning and to new experiences"
"The closest thing to a key to happiness if organization"
And my favorite "Run your life like a business. Your life is the corporation and you are the CEO"
She talks about how to organize your life and making things simpler. She says "there is no such thing as organized failure". I am a super detailed and overly tedious person... more recently I have let go of some of my drives and it feel awful. She inspires me to get those drives back and be organized and simple. She talks about "think less not more when it comes to your stuff. It's freeing to have breathing room where you live. The more stuff you have the more you have to clean, to distract you, to maintain and move". Ain't this the friggin truth! I will be saying this over and over again when I move this weekend.

I'm excited for the changes that coming and I really want all you girls to go get this book for yourself. You can jump around to different parts.. she's not telling you a story. She is explaining things that are real and usable. I can't to read more, and you know that if I think it's THAT profound i'll be back to tell you about it so you can at least rely on that if you don't go get the book. :)

I have appreciated SO much the effort and support my friends and family have given me and to assist me with everything the last year and look forward to doing 34 as best I can :)

My honey is so awesome. He's so good to me and I am grateful for him and all he does. ♥
That's a gift in itself. Happy birthday to me :)