Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hangovers Suck

Life would THAT much more fabulous if there was actually a quick cure for a hangover. I've seen a few things here and their claiming to do the trick; and everyone's got something someone told them is the sure way to kick a hangover... but I just come across these lozenges; developed by a nurse, they claim to restore the vitamins in your system and help kick the terrible feeling the next morning. It just doesn't seem right to have such a miserable feeling from a previous fantastic feeling.
These Hangover Sucks come 6 to a box in Ginger, Raspberry and Lime for $4.50.
I think I may have to try them...
I can, however, tell you that I was having lunch at The Elephant Bar one day. My lunch was on its way and all I had was a water sitting in front of me. I went from feeling fine to feeling super sick... not sure what hit me right at that moment but water wasn't helping and I was nauseous and hot and had the weirdest feeling. It felt like a hangover but at 200% intensity. Our server had the bartender whip up what she called a "mexican alka seltzer". It was just something an old roommate of her's used to make for upset tummies. Within 15 minutes and half the glass of it down the feeling had totally gone away and I was fine. I had never had anything work so fast.. much less actually work. I hadn't drank anything the night before so it was totally random.
Here is was is in a mexican alka seltzer:
In a regular glass with ice-
Soda water
Tad bit of lemon juice
A couple dashes of salt
And a small splash of Bitters