Thursday, March 3, 2011

Circus of Life

A year ago I started The Secret Diary of a Cute Girl.... so I thought it would be nice to give it a facelift, change it up a bit. I appreciate all of you who visit and read, i'll keep doing it as long your reading. I also have a few new things I may add week to week; stay tuned for those. :)

A lot of the time, I feel like life is a circus. To get thru everything, hard or easy, there are always hoops and leaps and swings you have to perform along with pulling a few tricks out of your sleeves.
These days I have had to get super creative with the hoops and tricks; I entered a whole new world of being creative to move through the circus of life. It would be SO much funner (yes, funner) if everything looked like a circus too!!! Then maybe we'd view it in a happier light. This is for sure a circus party I would attend, and you all know how I feel about feathers ;)
This was actually Circus themed baby shower. These are cute little jellybean boxes for partying gifts. I would LOVE to get a partying gift (maybe not jelly beans... but you know...) after every time I had to perform through hoops in the circus of life, wouldn't you?

Happy 1st Birthday to The Diary!


  1. Happy Anniversary to your blog! I like the new look! :hug:

  2. Wow! Already a year has gone by, congradulations!! It has been great, and looking forward to more fun stuff/luv,M