Saturday, February 26, 2011

Review: Roman Holiday

The Roman Holiday is a new wine bar in the outside patio area of the Valencia Mall. It's a self serve wine bar. There are islands of wine stations with buttons and pour spouts that you can select for your wine to dispense from. You can either have a taste, half pour, or a full pour. A small screen above each wine displays the cost for each of these options. They give you a card that you insert in the station you are pouring wine from and its keeps your tally. Its actually very reasonably priced and kinda fun to go thru and do a taste of what you might want to try before ordering the full pour.
The atmosphere is dimly lit with brass button lined chairs at tables. There is a small bar you can sit at as well and they serve only the most exquisite alcohols for mixed drinks. They have stuff to nibble on too if you need.
The staff is a 'lil less then desirable; they are there are there to guide you if you have questions. They need someone like me behind the bar or walkin around that place offering assistance and it would top it off :)
Go try it. I'm for sure going to visit again.

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  1. Wow!! How fun does that sound :) We will have to try that.