Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bright Ideas

Every time we turn around there is always someone somewhere coming out with their "bright idea" with the hope of it helping them make it BIG!
As time goes on the bright ideas get more and more random, to me anyway. I mean, everything is ALMOST effortless these days. I sometimes worry that the less effort we put into things the more room for error it creates. We rely on technology SO much, and these little machines we all use have brains of their own. They can choose to screw us at anytime. Like, not sending a text and potentially pissing someone off that waiting to hear back from you. Or your bill pay for what ever reason decided to not pay one of your bills. I think all these methods are meant to ease the way we do things but more then a few times they have often stressed me out more.

I'm overly detailed and pay way to much attention to things sometimes. I obsess over things and there is ALWAYS something in the back of my mind that I know is MY bright idea! It just hasn't totally made itself clear to me yet :)

This idea is pretty crazy to me. I wonder how many people will do this and how much response they have gotten. I originally thought it was ridiculous, but when I thought about it, it potentially might be kinda cool.
I always LOVE to look at pictures of events and parties that people have that have an amazing knack for decor and food. And I think, I totally could have done that! Had I had the idea myself!!

So these cleaver girls have made it easier for us to accomplish what we sometimes get brain block on trying to be creative.
For a small fee of a $100 bucks, Apples&Onions will give you a 3-5 course menu WITH recipes, table decor ideas and other tid bits your party will need. You email them your purpose/idea for your party or event and they will provide you with detailed instructions on how to make it look like and taste great!
This picture happens to be from a Chinese New Year party. They give you recipes and ideas to throw a proper and fitting party IF that was your party purpose....

(not sure why, but today in SCV the kids are out of school, as if this (Chinese new year) was a holiday or something. kids these days are off school WAY more then I remember I was back in the day)

You can check them out at www.applesandonions.com

My brain continues to spin the wheels... when my bright idea hits me I'll be sure to let you know :)

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