Friday, January 21, 2011

**All that Glitters**

A few years ago (well, maybe more then a few, but who's counting), bestie #1 got me a bottle of this Glitz body and clothing spray for my birthday.
Oooooh man, it became one of my fav things. The glitter color was Sterling. It has the most tiny, sparkley glitters in a scented spray. It's perfect actually. I still have half a bottle left cause I use it with care. :)
Today I went to Pro Beauty and saw something very similar for your HAIR! Its by Brocato and its called "Shimmer", comes in silver and gold. Now, i'm sure I can spray the Glitz in my hair, but I prefer it to not be so fragrant being in my hair. It's a pretty close match to the Glitz, so I got gold. I paid $4 for a small hand held travel size. Its perfect.
Since the weather has been so nice and warm I think it's a fun summery item to add your collection of "stuff you love". It's for sure in mine :)
Check out Soular Therapy, they are the makers of this sparkley spray and they also have other fun products that I might have to hunt down. :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Love in pieces....

This Christmas my dad a lil something special of his own to give us. He had little puzzle pieces wrapped up in cellophane bunches and handed them to each of us. The moment we opened them we were all hit with excitement and it became a race to see who could put theirs together first and what they all were.
He made us wooden puzzles. He MADE us PUZZLES out of WOOD. He never ceases to amaze me.
Mine took the longest for some reason, but it fit together into a butterfly. :)
My mom's was a flower with a hummingbird (i know, you should see it, amazing), my brother's was a motorcylce/dirtbike, Tina's was a cute little high heel shoe and my honey's was a horseshoe with the Colt's logo. They all stand up too.
Everytime I look at it I'm thankful for the thoughtfulness and time he spent to create these for us to have.
I may have him build me a closet, I'm thinkin a mini version of Carrie's :)

♥ you Dad

Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Pink Room

As much as I LOVE new stuff, i'm a creature of habit. I have a small collection of yummy smells that I turn to everyday. BUT, I also obsess over LuckyScent. If your not familiar with it you need to go to and subscribe to their email newsletter.
They have scents you won't find at the regular stores, and the BEST part about them is you can order as many samples as you want for just a few bucks each. Right now they are offering a 10 pack of samples that were "The Best of 2010"....
They do a great job of describing what each scent is like so you at least half way know what to expect.
If your in the LA area they have a store, Scent Bar. You can drink wine and have a "smelling party".... I think I smell one of those in my near future for me and my girls.... :)

I think The Pink Room parfume is going to be my next sample......

New year, new smelly good.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

♥ Hello 2011 ♥

I can ALMOST breathe.... a few things have me holding my breath till I can really sink my feet into this new year; but i'm getting there. Starting the new year with my honey and one of my besties was a good start ♥