Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Love & Candy

I want candy!

I love ruffles and ribbons and things that are swirly (to name a few) and these candy ribbons and peppermint pillows look super cute and yummy!
You can find them at Hammond's Candy Store along with a bunch of other fun holiday candies!
I for sure will be ordering some for Christmas, they make a great decoration in a bowl and my dad will love them :)
I wanna put you in a song!

If your toe isn't tappin' right now, it will be once you hear (which i'm sure you already have but I couldn't help but post it) this... I can't help but turn it up SUPER loud when I hear it, makes me wanna dance around like a 4 yr old :)

Happy Hump Day! ♥


  1. Yes, you know me I love that candy....Dad

  2. LOVE the picture of the candy and LOVE that Keith Urban song!! M