Monday, December 6, 2010

Happy little Merry in Cabo...

I would almost love to trade actual presents for a vacation!!
This place looks amazing. THIS is the way to spend New Years, right?!?! I checked the weather there and it teeters from 77-81 each day.... I can ALMOST picture myself in these photos...

This is the Cabo Azul Resort San Jose, Los Cabos. Its "The newest luxury hotspot in Los Cabos nestled on over 12 oceanfront acres with designer villas and world-class dining"

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Love & Candy

I want candy!

I love ruffles and ribbons and things that are swirly (to name a few) and these candy ribbons and peppermint pillows look super cute and yummy!
You can find them at Hammond's Candy Store along with a bunch of other fun holiday candies!
I for sure will be ordering some for Christmas, they make a great decoration in a bowl and my dad will love them :)
I wanna put you in a song!

If your toe isn't tappin' right now, it will be once you hear (which i'm sure you already have but I couldn't help but post it) this... I can't help but turn it up SUPER loud when I hear it, makes me wanna dance around like a 4 yr old :)

Happy Hump Day! ♥