Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I show you mine, you show me yours.....

My Ofey, Emily, and I met in Vegas in June. After screaming with excitement the NEXT thing we did was empty all our lip gloss from each of our purses and took a picture. (picture is above)

A little while ago I was unsatisfied with how I stored my makeup. I couldn't find anything, it was all over the place. I kinda sorta have it all together now and it feels a little better, BUT, I wanna see yours!!! Send me a pic of your makeup station or bag, box or whatever and I will post them, without names of course, in a week. So get to it!
To the one that looks the best I will send you a one of my favorite lip glosses. (brand new of course, not the one that's actually mine :) )
Send your pics to, your have 1 week! Don't let me down girls! I wanna see your stuff and i'm sure so does everyone else and we can get some great ideas from each other!!

Here is mine, now show me yours!

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