Friday, November 19, 2010

Hello Victoria's, meet Frederick's

The Holidays Are Coming!!!!

Holy sh!t; I don't think I'm ready.... are you??
If not, we can do this together...

I'm kinda feelin' like I'm not in the mood for the same 'ol holiday "stuff". I'm thinking different and nontraditional sounds WAY better! I plan to share a few new ideas I have been finding for deserts, wreaths, flowers and decorating, along with whatever else I can find!

But First! All of this holiday business would be way more exciting and fun if we all weren't worried about the eating and spending we will be doing over the next month... but lets face it, it's the same every year, we start out with good intentions of trying to be "good" but it gets the best of all of us cause its the merriest time of year and who can resist!
SO, take a look at this girl right here...
We can all feel as good as she looks. I'm convinced that if you have a few cute things to wear under your clothes, there is no way you won't feel better and you will feel sexy and ready to take on the holiday season and what ever it throws at you!!! I know for me, as long as I feel like I got somethin' on underneath that no one may know about and its making me feel good about myself.. things aren't so bad and I can look at everything is more excited positive way, cause as we know this time of year can be stressful in many ways!

If your a Victoria's Secret girl, then you probably feel like you can't always buy as many cute things as you want cause their favorite number over there is 50!
If you've not seen the world of Frederick's.... you need to! I made the switch years ago and haven't looked back. Don't get me wrong, I still browse and check for good deals at VS, but Frederick's get most of my spending's. Their price point is more around $29 and sometimes $19!. And there is nothing like their 5 for $25 lacey hot shorts and undies! They are the good ones that VS sells 3 for $30... you get more cuteness and more of them for a few bucks less!
This is where you should be thinking about what you have in your drawer that makes you feel good and sexy and if your having trouble finding these items... go to and get yourself something FAST! I'm more then positive you won't be in trouble for making this purchase seeing as how much better you will feel.. and so will he in return ;)
And while your at it, go get a pedicure; I'm SURE you deserve it. After all, us girls need a few of these things are all the shopping and cooking and cleaning and magic we create for the holidays, RIGHT?!?! ♥

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