Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fluffy Fruit Puffs...

In case you need something a lil' different to add to your desert menu for Thanksgiving, I think these are the perfect side compliment to your Pumpkin Pie!

A little like cream puffs. A tiny bit like a fruit tart. A lotta delicious.


- Pepperidge Farm puff pastry shells (in freezer section near pie crusts)
- vanilla pudding (jello instant pudding, requires 2 cups of skim milk)
- whipped cream
- fresh fruit for topping. Use what you like!

Bake the shells according to the box instructions. You can use an egg wash to help brown the tops. (Just an egg whipped with a little water brushed on the pastries before baking.) After they cool, pinch off the center top. Then pull out the middle of the pastry halfway down the shell. It's easier with your fingers than with knives.

Use about a tablespoon of vanilla pudding for each shell because it's very sweet. Fill it up all the way to make it more like a cream puff.

Squeeze whipped cream to fill the pastry and nest the fruit on top. Serve immediately. If you plan to serve these hours later, use more vanilla pudding to make a base, because the weight of the fruit makes the whipped cream settle.

Next time next just use strawberries on top for a different take on strawberry shortcake. :)

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