Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Feelin a little glitter....

Who doesn't love sparkles?!
I quickly ran into the store yesterday to grab a couple small bunches of flowers... I wanted reds, yellows and oranges... but it seemed as though everyone else did as well. I was less then excited about the selection. I wanted to put something "fall-ish" together but wasn't finding what I needed. SO, I grabbed one bunch of orange Gerber Daisies, 3 super small oranges, and a can of spray gold glitter and headed home.
I used a plain glass vase I had and threw the oranges in the bottom. I then realized I wanted this to be more then just a few daisies in a vase... so I ran outside and picked some leaves and berry bunches from the trees and bushes.
I submerged two of the daisies in front of the oranges and filled the top space with the leaves and berries and added the last two orange daisies. I sprayed the daisies with the gold glitter and also sprayed it in the water... its a lil hard to see the sparkles in the picture, but they're there!
It wasn't what I had in mind but I made it work and it only cost me $8. :)

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