Saturday, November 6, 2010

Falsies or For Realsies

I have a small inner obsession with false eyelashes. I have never worn them because I can't get them on right... but I want too! I LOVE Kim Kardashian's lashes and am convinced they are fake, so I want them!
Here is a blerb and photos from A Paige of Inspiration.

A Paige of Inspiration: Falsies

Fake eyelashes are so much fun and can make a big impact on your look! I love wearing them when I get dressed up and I promise they are not hard to put on! :] They have big dramatic lashes and simple ones you can wear everyday. Suzanne (SOS - Suzanne on Style) introduced me to them and now I’m a big fan! Love them!!!

Happy Saturday Everyone!!


  1. I have only worn them twice but loved them both times. I did have them put on professionally. I would have glued my eyes together LOL ;)

  2. That is my biggest fear! The glue on eyes scares me. LOL