Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I'm back!

I KNOW!!! I've been missing for a few months.... and you'd think I would have all time in the world since I don't go to a 9-5 job anymore, but I'm shockingly busy all the time. Makes me wonder how I took care of things when I was in an office 8 hours a day....

Since I have been off during this career transition time, I have learned and discovered a few things....

* I'm not in hurry when I drive, and I think that pisses people off.
* The grocery store during the day could double as mommy and me class; sometimes more kids there then adults.
* I'm more overly anal about how clean my house is. So I hired a cleaning lady. LOL. Yes, seriously.
* The morning hours go by super fast
* I love Wendy Williams
* I ALWAYS need something from Target
* I sometimes obsess about the Dr. Oz show
* I get gas once every two weeks
* I usually try to have fresh flowers in the house always..
* Wanna make fancy cupcakes really bad and still haven't done it...
* Will probably wallpaper my bathroom
* I Often forget to shave under my right arm...
* I usually forget to have lunch

I should have written these things down cause I had a ton more... I will add them as I discover them...

And don't forget, I do actually have a job, just at night... when girls wanna get together for a good time, I bring the fun stuff... who wants to have Passion Party??? The holidays are the perfect time to have your girls over and check out all the fun stuff, you never know what might spark your interest :)