Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Your own personal shit meter...

An old boss of mine once told me "Everyone has their own shit meter. You have to decide where yours is so you know when you've taken as much shit from people as you can possibly handle. Once you get to that point.... your done. NO one deserves to have to go into "overflow" mode of shit".
With that being said, I reached my shit level. I've worked for a company for almost 3 years that paid me pretty well... with that, everyday was a new story of hostility, lies and verbal abuse with degrading comments. I was inside a bubble of the direct shots for about 1 1/2-2 years... and some how they ran out of people to attack and then I became fair game just like everyone else. You can take a certain amount of shit from someone and try to let it roll off your back, at some point it just doesn't roll off anymore. I had to take a look at where I was in life and what I was doing and make a choice to stay or go.
With a ton of support behind me I made the choice to walk away from my job. It feels like a big deal to me and gives me terrible anxiety when I think of walking away from a job when tons of people are suffering without one, but I masked my 9-5 misery well, but its become almost impossible to hide now.

So, now I have all this time on my hands.... for a portion of it I plan to bombard you (not totally) with how great Passion Parties is (who wants to have a party??), play with my nephew as much as I can and prepare to start dental school in July.

My honey said to me the other day, "you just have to take a chance sometimes, you can do this" and my bff said to me, "there is no time like the present, life is too short and being happy is a must!"
I can be obsessive about things sometimes, so I just keep those pieces of advice in mind and everything seems better. :)

And how do I like to celebrate? With some Gaga of course. :)

We can all use a little more Passion, contact me to book your party today! Its so much fun!

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  1. Whoo Hoo!! Let the summer of fun...and passion begin!!!!