Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Under Appreciated Flower...

I try to always keep fresh flowers in my house... it makes the room they are in that much nicer. I can get a lil' costly quick especially in this warmer weather. But, I wanted to remind you of how amazing the Carnation is. It's actually one of my top 3 favorite flowers. They are ruffly, and I LOVE ruffles. LOL. They are super inexpensive and the look gorgeous in large bunches. Because they are less expensive you can buy a ton of them. You can pick a couple colors and do a mix of them in vase or split them up and put them in a few rooms of your house. I love using my smaller cute drinking glasses as a vase. It's unique and they are small enough I can place bunches in all the rooms! They aren't overly sensitive to the heat either. You can even put a small arrangement in your bathroom, even with the steam from the shower they will still look perfect 4-5 days later :)
They are cost effective, live longer and smell really sweet.
Go get some today.... I did. :)

p.s. try cutting them down real short in a shorter vase, don't always leave them tall, you risk them flopping over allot easier. :)

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  1. Thanks for the advise:) I am going to make my house pretty tomorrow!