Monday, May 17, 2010

Things that should be illegal...

There have been quite a few things that have come to my attention that are just so tragic or annoying that they should be illegal. I have compiled a list for you...

* Gladiator shoes. They are not cute in any way shape or form. They look terrible with everything and all on their own. And as much as I love glitter and sparkles, not even that can doll these sandals up.

* No horns, screeching, or sirens in radio commercials. This scares the shit out of me every time, plain and simple.

* Plain metal license plate frames. These are beyond annoying because right around 5 o'clock they blind you if your driving behind someone who has one. If your a girl, throw some glitter or rhinestones on that thing and it will help to not blind us with the reflection. If your a guy, just remove the damn thing, you don't really need it.

* Tribal Tattoos. They kinda don't really mean anything and your not in a tribe, so think of something else so you don't look so silly forever. But IF you ARE in a tribe then you should probably let us know, cause that's kinda important stuff we need to know. (Courtesy of Tina)

* Leaving your dog in the car while you "run" into the store. I swear if I see you do this you will get the WORST note left on your car from me. Honestly, I wish they could give tickets for this....

* Wearing flip flops that aren't white anymore. This is gross. You should know that when you purchased these white shoes that they would have a short life, so if you spent a bunch of money on them that was a mistake. It's impossible to keep them clean for a lengthy period of time and they do not look cute AT ALL if they aren't still white. :)

*Standing in the middle of a grocery store isle while your looking at something and and when I say "excuse me" (in my sweet voice) and try to pass, you look at ME like I'M the one in YOUR way. Enough said. There should be grocery store "police"... i swear.

If you have one to add, let me know ;)

Happy Lovely Monday!!! ♥


  1. I could not agree more. LOL. I was laughing so hard at the tribal tattoo one, I almost peed my pants :)

    I would gladly pay extra for grocery police...specially at the WalMart!!

  2. agreed on all counts! One that I thought of today, there should be a law against wearing sandals/open back shoes that are a size too small and your feet hang over that back or sides. C'mon now! First off, it can not be comfortable, secondly, it makes your feet look all strained and grody. SIZE UP LADIES!