Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Love & Toast, a lil' Armor and more....

Since I missed my Lovely Monday, we'll call this Terrific Tuesday, cause I found some really cute stuff that we may not be able to live without! With Mother's day (and my birthday) right around the corner these might be helpful suggestions, if you act fast of course. ;)
(If I knew of these sooner so would you, sorry for the late notice)
Courtesy of my beloved Daily Candy, here are some cute, sweet treats and heavy metal.

Love & Toast has some of the cutest little hand cremes and perfume's. The scents look really yummy and the packaging is super catchy, (I like catchy :)). If you make a purchase from the enter DC30%OFF at check out and receive 30% off your order. :)

Armor has some of the coolest pieces I have seen in a while (since Little Rooms, scroll down the blog if you missed that one). Its jewelry for your body. Basically it's really awesome, draping yourself in metal just sounds sexy, doesn't it?
You gotta save your pennies for these pieces though, they aren't cheap, but I'm sure well worth it! My fav's are the rings and shoulder pieces... these may be on my birthday wish list. :)

I think its, Chocolate and Diamonds are a way to a girls heart, right? If your me, Diamonds for sure, the chocolate is good, but I take one bite and pass it to the left for someone else to eat cause one bit is all I can handle. BUT, these truffles from John Kelly Chocolates look amazing, I might splurge and take two bites. ;)


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  1. I would pass totally on the chocolate and go straight for the diamonds LOL.

    Wonder if I need to put out a wish list for my mother's day??? :)