Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What is the fashion world coming to....

I'm gonna talk some shit about this shoe right now. This poor girl who designed this gawd awful shoe had the guts to price it for $350. She gives a pair to the executive editor of DailyCandy and the woman HAS to be trying to be nice when she says "They’re like magic on my size nine and a half feet". I find this statement funny for two reasons; one being that she says they are like magic, and two being that's the best thing she could come up with to say about this shoe. I'm scared of the fact she's putting it on her size 9 1/2 foot and its ugly enough in the picture, I cant imagine it any larger in real life. The only "magic" happening is when people run from you in these obnoxious sparkly things. Yuck! My guess is we will see these at Ross for $29.99, then they will go on clearance, THEN maybe someone will consider buying them if they get to the $10 range.....

love it or hate it?
love it!
hate it!