Monday, April 12, 2010

Lovely Monday

ooooook! This is what I can tell you. I made a few amazing purchases this weekend and HAVE to tell you about them. I know you know I have been in search for new make up and skin care, and I think I found it!This line is ONLY sold at Target. The No.7 collection is from Britain. You can buy it online thru Amazon or, but Target is the only place you can walk in and buy it. I'm standing there looking at the display in Target this weekend, and this lady walks up and grabs the Protect & Perfect Intense Beauty Serum. I ask her if she's been using it for while... she proceeds to tell me "its like heaven for your face and its the best unkept secret from Britain". She appeared to look younger then she actually was... and when she said "its heaven for your face", I quickly grabbed a bottle. I also grabbed the cleanser and toner. The toner is FREE when you buy the cleanser (the sale right now at Target, till Sat April 17). The price points for these products are perfect. You feel like your just spending the right amount for what your getting. Not to expensive and not to cheap. The cleanser is $7.99 and the toner is also if you don't get it when it's free. The Beauty Serum is $19.99, quite a small price for something described as heaven.
I carry huge regret for not totally following a facial ritual... I mean I do but its not one that will help me prevent what we are all trying to prevent to look great years from now.
So now, I have ritual that I'm going to try to hold on tight too. I have only used it twice so far and I feel like I put on a new face; its crazy how quickly I could tell a change in the feeling in my skin. I can confirm the Beauty Serum IS in fact heaven.... I can't wait to try their other products.

I know you missed my weekly Gaga installment last week, so lets celebrate this with a lil Gaga. :)

"Walk, walk fashion baby Work it Move that bitch crazy
Walk, walk fashion baby Work it Move that bitch crazy
Walk, walk fashion baby Work it Move that bitch crazy
Walk, walk fashion baby Work it, I'm a free bitch, baby..."

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  1. The Today Show raved about this product on a clip they did about international make-up now available in the US that no one knows about. I'll have to go try it now that I know someone who has!