Thursday, April 8, 2010

Fab Friday ♥

It's been a really long week, so you get two Fridays in a row. :)
Here's when I know I need a vacation.... when I'm talking to someone and I start analyzing random words they use. Its like, when someones uses useless words that really don't mean anything. Like, "be that as it may". Like, what? Why is this even necessary? It's just taking up space in your sentence. Can you not have a regular valid conversation without all these bullshit random words that make you sound even more retarded then everything else your saying to me? Or, "none-the-less". Have you ever really thought about what this means? It's like saying regardless, so just SAY regardless. Ok? Ok.
I need a vacation.
I have walked thru The Riviera in Palm Springs, and its probably one of the most well put together, amazing decorated quaint little hotels I have seen yet. I need to go lay by that pool and then go lay in that bed. Then I'll be back at square one again to deal with the smarty pants I encounter everyday.
Happy Friday! (thank god)

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  1. OMG do I need a vacation too!! Maybe we need to just pack up and head out??? Are you free Emily :) Now if we could just find someone to pay for our little stint LOL. (I'm pretty sure that's not in our one income family budget at the moment..hahaha)