Monday, March 22, 2010

Lovely Monday ♥

For the love of LOTION!
Today I thought I would write about lotion on this fine Monday. I'm drawn to share this with you because as we were finishing moving things this weekend (not really finished finished, but you know, trying to finish, I swear I dont know why its so hard) my honey was carrying a big plastic two drawer container upstairs for me FULL of lotions and sprays. He's so good about all my little obsessions and allows me to have whatever I want, regardless of how many I may already have of any given particular item. But, during the move of this container, as he's walking up stairs (its heavy too!) he says, "babe, you have alot of lotion, more lotion then i've ever seen". He says this because not only does that one container have lotion and bath products in it, but because I also have a shelf in the bathroom and a shelf in the bedroom full of lotions too. SO, I started laughing... mostly cause I could tell he was trying to say it in the nicest way possible and also because its complete TRUE! If I like it and it's on sale i'll but a ton of it. I have a wide variety of scents and brands. I can't stop, its like I feel like the world might run out of lotion and i'll be stuck feeling dry and yucky...
But with all this said, he still doesnt mind how many bottles I have and will probably not bat an eye next time I come home with more lotion; he's so sweet and tells me how great I smell ALL the time. :)
From all my lotion expereience, if you are feeling super dry and it wont go away with what your using now, try Johnson & Johnson's softlotion, the Creamy Moisturizing Oil one. Use it for a week straight, it will work, I promise.

Happy Monday!

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