Sunday, March 7, 2010

Lovely Monday

I pretty much hate Mondays. I think mostly everyone does. Just when your getting used to not being at work and enjoying your weekend its over and Monday is around the corner. I try to make Sunday evenings last as long as possible to try to hold Monday off.... it eventually comes. If I can get out the door on time, have had at least a whole cup of coffee, having a good hair day and didnt forget to zip my zipper (i forget 4 days out of 5) I have a good shot at the day going well. I figured to make it a lil better i'd post "Lovely Mondays" and ramble about something I love; rather then dwell on the fact that its Monday. :)

I basically have at least one candle lit at all times when i'm home, or sometimes 8. I love to take cool fun bottles and turn them into candles. Wine bottles work really well, but a new one I just did was out of a vodka bottle. It was a $40 bottle called Pinky. The vodka was pink and it actually was not very good, but its made for a great candle. I tied a cute leopard ribbon around the neck and stuck a candle stick in it and with the cute Pinky Lable, it's my new fav candle.
Tip: Pier 1 has the best candle sticks. 18 in a box $10.
Burn candles in your home as often as possible, it will always give you a good feeling and make you feel romantic. :)

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