Monday, March 29, 2010

Lovely Monday Bitch!

Here is my question. WHY, when I make a call and the lady on the other end asks, "can I ask who's calling?" I say my name. THEN she asks "and what is this regarding?" and I tell her. THEN she say "he's actually on another call right now". WHY do y ou even ask me what its regarding if he's not even available?? So no, you cant ask who's calling or what its regarding until AFTER you tell me if he's available or not Stupid Lady!
And THEN when I do say who I am and what its regarding she just puts me thru and doesn't even tell him!
Like, seriously? And all this with an attitude too, like I'M bothering HER!

Also, is it a requirement for all 7-11 stores to have the dirtiest parking lot ever? I almost was afraid to drive up to one just now in fear of popping a tire.

Happy Monday!

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