Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sing your Ass off

♥ GaGa Wednesday ♥

I have a concert in the car every morning. It helps. It puts me in a good mood to try to deal with my decently well paying job that I'm not to fond of at the moment, makes me briefly forget about whatever else is on my mind and makes the drive go a lil quicker. I strongly encourage you to do it.

I pulled a line from a GaGa song, if you dont know what song it's from I think it's a good idea for you to play the CD (and if you dont have it get. like right now. GO!) to try to find this line, that way you can crank it up and Sing your Ass off!

"I wanna, Just Dance But he took me home instead
Uh oh! There was a monster in my bed
We french kissed on a subway train He tore my clothes right off, He ate my heart and then he ate my brain...."

Monday, March 29, 2010

Lovely Monday Bitch!

Here is my question. WHY, when I make a call and the lady on the other end asks, "can I ask who's calling?" I say my name. THEN she asks "and what is this regarding?" and I tell her. THEN she say "he's actually on another call right now". WHY do y ou even ask me what its regarding if he's not even available?? So no, you cant ask who's calling or what its regarding until AFTER you tell me if he's available or not Stupid Lady!
And THEN when I do say who I am and what its regarding she just puts me thru and doesn't even tell him!
Like, seriously? And all this with an attitude too, like I'M bothering HER!

Also, is it a requirement for all 7-11 stores to have the dirtiest parking lot ever? I almost was afraid to drive up to one just now in fear of popping a tire.

Happy Monday!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fabulous Friday ♥

the evolution of smooth....
Ok! This is an amazing product.
I am kind of a shaving cream snob, and this probably gives you the best shaving expereince possible. It's a cream that is designed to be used dry or wet.
I just used it dry and it is amazing. It leave your skin super smooth and smells great. I used NO water, my legs would be screaming if I shaved dry with any other cream/gel/foam...
Go it it now!
I got it the wal-mart and there are a handful of scents. Its almost $4; a small price to pay for crazy smooth soft legs. :)
Here, check it out, and then go get it!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

♥Gaga Wednesday♥

Today is GaGa Wednesday (only cause I say it is...). I saw this yesterday and was fully compelled to post this to so you didnt have to go far to try to find it. Its crazy, weird, bizarre, all of the above; but all the exact reasons why we love Lady Gaga! If you dont already have her Monster Fame CD, get it. You will love it. You HAVE to love her. There is no reason not to. She does anything she wants and provides the best entertainment for all of us to talk about. Enjoy!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Lovely Monday ♥

For the love of LOTION!
Today I thought I would write about lotion on this fine Monday. I'm drawn to share this with you because as we were finishing moving things this weekend (not really finished finished, but you know, trying to finish, I swear I dont know why its so hard) my honey was carrying a big plastic two drawer container upstairs for me FULL of lotions and sprays. He's so good about all my little obsessions and allows me to have whatever I want, regardless of how many I may already have of any given particular item. But, during the move of this container, as he's walking up stairs (its heavy too!) he says, "babe, you have alot of lotion, more lotion then i've ever seen". He says this because not only does that one container have lotion and bath products in it, but because I also have a shelf in the bathroom and a shelf in the bedroom full of lotions too. SO, I started laughing... mostly cause I could tell he was trying to say it in the nicest way possible and also because its complete TRUE! If I like it and it's on sale i'll but a ton of it. I have a wide variety of scents and brands. I can't stop, its like I feel like the world might run out of lotion and i'll be stuck feeling dry and yucky...
But with all this said, he still doesnt mind how many bottles I have and will probably not bat an eye next time I come home with more lotion; he's so sweet and tells me how great I smell ALL the time. :)
From all my lotion expereience, if you are feeling super dry and it wont go away with what your using now, try Johnson & Johnson's softlotion, the Creamy Moisturizing Oil one. Use it for a week straight, it will work, I promise.

Happy Monday!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Dont be an asshole!

This is hilarious and perfect.
You can go to and print these cute little sheets to leave on the windshield of all those assholes that can't park right. I am happy to have found this cause now I don't have to scramble for a piece of paper to scribble on to leave my nasty note (cause I totally leave nasty notes when it's deserved).

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fabulous Friday (continued)

Little Rooms has very unique accessories. They arent for everyone but they are for sure fun to look at and the site is really well done. I have the hots for a few of their pieces actually. I like how they offer 3 different metal colors. Check it out and look for the Entry Lock piece in The Cutting Room, super cute. :)

Have a Fab Friday! ♥

Fabulous Friday ♥

Happy Fab Friday!
I love drinking glasses! I know some of you know this about me. But since I just moved I had to pick a cabinet in the kitchen that could fit all my glasses properly. I have enough glasses to take up 3 whole shelves in a double door cupboard. that's not alot, is it?
I feel like everything tastes and looks better in a nice glass. It helps me drink more water, so that's gotta be a good thing. :)
So if you go to your cupboard and all you see are old plastic cups, or plain boring clear glasses that you bought moons ago, take a few minutes and get yourself some nice drinking glasses; it will make you feel a lil funner while you at home enjoying your beverage. :)

SO, because of this random obsession I'm having a hard time not buying these (pic above) that i found at Zgallery.... they are on sale too. ;)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

make-up, make-up, make-up!

I am OBESSESSED with make-up right now. I have been reading everything I can find on who has the best color selections and what’s best for my face. I'm looking for that magical potion that will make my face look its best, since I’m so terrified about getting old. The image above is make-up from Sue Devitt. This came to me thru Daily Candy and I wanted to share it with you. She has an interesting selection of products including a facial treatment called Microquatic Oxygen Infusion Masque. She has a reasonable price point and is inspired by the colors of flowers, exotic and marine atmospheres. Right now receive 30% off all products on her site with coupon code DAILYCANDY when you check out. :)
Sue Devitt (clickable link)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Lovely Monday

Today's Lovely Monday is about my one of two BFF's. Today is my Jenny's birthday. I know we are all so scared to keep getting older, but I have to tell you she makes it look fun and easy. She is an amazing mom of 2 of sweetest identical girls and an awesome wife to a pretty rad dude.
I am privileged to be BFF's with her as she is such a remarkable friend; not just to me, but she makes everyone she talks to feel like they are special.
She never ceases to amaze me with everything she has going on, everything she does and plans for her family. She one of the most courageous people I know. She inspires me to always be better and not be afraid of what might be learking around the corner in life. There is truly no one else like her on the planet.

Happy Birthday Jenny! I can’t wait to keep growing old with you. ♥

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fabulous Friday

Love love love Grey's. Its the perfect ending to a Thursday to start off Fabulous Friday. Where would we all be with out the ever-so-right on Grey-ism's... I know we all love McDreamy and no matter what, he will always be this. But I think if we can take the simplicity of Grey and McDreamy and try to become the Grey and see our honey's as our McDreamy, we may get a lil more simplicity of our own... I know I immediately feel complicated, and yet every Thursday she brings me back to level I forgot about and I find myself crying... no matter what the episode deliver; happy or sad.
So, believe it or not, this is a happy post leading us into our Fabulous Friday. If this is how things really go down is hospitals, I should have went to medical school :)
I love how Arizon rolls around on rollerskate tenni's and I LOVE the blonde on lil Grey... did i mention I was thinking of going back blonde...? :) just seeing if your really reading this. (i'm totally serious)

Enjoy your Fab Friday ♥

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Chynna Dolls


Ok girls! With daylight saving time coming this Saturday, summer is around the corner! Chynna Dolls is the place to go for your next swim suit! You can design your top and bottom the way you want and in the colors you want. The black one above is an example of a basic top and the Booty Short bottoms; I'm pretty sure these are the bottoms I am going to get, and I'm not gonna be afraid!
The prices are reasonable and if you don't design your own bikini they have a bunch of other sets to choose from. These suits are unique, sexy and fun!
We all need to channel the sun, pray for the heat, take our clothes off and get into sexy suits summer wont be able to hold off any more! C'mon, you know you want too...


Sunday, March 7, 2010

Lovely Monday

I pretty much hate Mondays. I think mostly everyone does. Just when your getting used to not being at work and enjoying your weekend its over and Monday is around the corner. I try to make Sunday evenings last as long as possible to try to hold Monday off.... it eventually comes. If I can get out the door on time, have had at least a whole cup of coffee, having a good hair day and didnt forget to zip my zipper (i forget 4 days out of 5) I have a good shot at the day going well. I figured to make it a lil better i'd post "Lovely Mondays" and ramble about something I love; rather then dwell on the fact that its Monday. :)

I basically have at least one candle lit at all times when i'm home, or sometimes 8. I love to take cool fun bottles and turn them into candles. Wine bottles work really well, but a new one I just did was out of a vodka bottle. It was a $40 bottle called Pinky. The vodka was pink and it actually was not very good, but its made for a great candle. I tied a cute leopard ribbon around the neck and stuck a candle stick in it and with the cute Pinky Lable, it's my new fav candle.
Tip: Pier 1 has the best candle sticks. 18 in a box $10.
Burn candles in your home as often as possible, it will always give you a good feeling and make you feel romantic. :)

Friday, March 5, 2010

Daily Candy

For those of you who dont want to get the 15+ emails a week they send I will post the pieces that interest me the most and maybe they will interest you as well. :)

What: Crazy-good meringue mushrooms, unbirthday cupcakes, and more inspired by a certain someone’s adventures in Wonderland.
Why: Send your taste buds on a trip.
Where: Online at
LifetokensWhat: This site will mail your lover/BFF a graphic chip to let him/her know you are sorry/lonely/thankful.Why: You can be a winner at the game of life. Where: Online at
Spa for a CauseWhat: Supply your e-mail address, and Spa for a Cause will enter you to win $650 worth of spa treatments while donating $1 to Kind Campaign, an organization working to stop girl-against-girl crime.
Why: You never met a free spa treatment you didn’t like.
When: Contest is open now.
Where: Online at

Now that it's gone...

What will we do now that Nip Tuck is gone? Where else can we get the raunchy sexual displays of entertainment along with the champagne and caviar lifestyle that we all secretly picture ourselves in at one point in time during the 60 satisfying minutes it's on? It probably, way to often, made us ask ourselves "what dont we like about ourselves"... but it was an esacpe for an hour every week that you can't get anywhere else.