Monday, December 6, 2010

Happy little Merry in Cabo...

I would almost love to trade actual presents for a vacation!!
This place looks amazing. THIS is the way to spend New Years, right?!?! I checked the weather there and it teeters from 77-81 each day.... I can ALMOST picture myself in these photos...

This is the Cabo Azul Resort San Jose, Los Cabos. Its "The newest luxury hotspot in Los Cabos nestled on over 12 oceanfront acres with designer villas and world-class dining"

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Love & Candy

I want candy!

I love ruffles and ribbons and things that are swirly (to name a few) and these candy ribbons and peppermint pillows look super cute and yummy!
You can find them at Hammond's Candy Store along with a bunch of other fun holiday candies!
I for sure will be ordering some for Christmas, they make a great decoration in a bowl and my dad will love them :)
I wanna put you in a song!

If your toe isn't tappin' right now, it will be once you hear (which i'm sure you already have but I couldn't help but post it) this... I can't help but turn it up SUPER loud when I hear it, makes me wanna dance around like a 4 yr old :)

Happy Hump Day! ♥

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Thankful Cocktail!

♥Spiced Cranberry Sangria Cocktail♥

Spiced Cranberry Sangria
Serves five

Spiced Simple Syrup
2 c. water
2 c. sugar
3 cinnamon sticks
8 allspice berries
6 cloves
3 whole star anise

Macerated Cranberries
2 c. fresh cranberries
2 Granny Smith apples, cubed
6 oz. spiced simple syrup
6 oz. triple sec
4 oz. ruby port wine

1 750-ml bottle Rose Tempranillo
4 oz. spiced simple syrup
3 oz. ruby port wine
3 oz. Torres Gran Torres orange liqueur or Cointreau
3 oz. cranberry juice
Apple chips (optional garnish)

1. Make simple syrup by bringing all ingredients to a boil while stirring constantly. Strain solids from liquid and discard spices, then set aside to cool completely.

2. Macerate fruit in syrup, triple sec, and port wine at least four hours (preferably overnight, mixture should be soupy). Keep covered and refrigerated until ready to serve.

3. For the base of the sangria, mix wine, simple syrup, port wine, orange liqueur, and cranberry juice. Keep refrigerated until ready to serve.

4. To serve, add macerated fruit to wine mixture. Gently stir. Fill glasses with ice. Scoop 2 tbsp. of the fruit mixture and its juices over the ice! Pour wine mixture into glasses and garnish with an apple chip.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fluffy Fruit Puffs...

In case you need something a lil' different to add to your desert menu for Thanksgiving, I think these are the perfect side compliment to your Pumpkin Pie!

A little like cream puffs. A tiny bit like a fruit tart. A lotta delicious.


- Pepperidge Farm puff pastry shells (in freezer section near pie crusts)
- vanilla pudding (jello instant pudding, requires 2 cups of skim milk)
- whipped cream
- fresh fruit for topping. Use what you like!

Bake the shells according to the box instructions. You can use an egg wash to help brown the tops. (Just an egg whipped with a little water brushed on the pastries before baking.) After they cool, pinch off the center top. Then pull out the middle of the pastry halfway down the shell. It's easier with your fingers than with knives.

Use about a tablespoon of vanilla pudding for each shell because it's very sweet. Fill it up all the way to make it more like a cream puff.

Squeeze whipped cream to fill the pastry and nest the fruit on top. Serve immediately. If you plan to serve these hours later, use more vanilla pudding to make a base, because the weight of the fruit makes the whipped cream settle.

Next time next just use strawberries on top for a different take on strawberry shortcake. :)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Hello Victoria's, meet Frederick's

The Holidays Are Coming!!!!

Holy sh!t; I don't think I'm ready.... are you??
If not, we can do this together...

I'm kinda feelin' like I'm not in the mood for the same 'ol holiday "stuff". I'm thinking different and nontraditional sounds WAY better! I plan to share a few new ideas I have been finding for deserts, wreaths, flowers and decorating, along with whatever else I can find!

But First! All of this holiday business would be way more exciting and fun if we all weren't worried about the eating and spending we will be doing over the next month... but lets face it, it's the same every year, we start out with good intentions of trying to be "good" but it gets the best of all of us cause its the merriest time of year and who can resist!
SO, take a look at this girl right here...
We can all feel as good as she looks. I'm convinced that if you have a few cute things to wear under your clothes, there is no way you won't feel better and you will feel sexy and ready to take on the holiday season and what ever it throws at you!!! I know for me, as long as I feel like I got somethin' on underneath that no one may know about and its making me feel good about myself.. things aren't so bad and I can look at everything is more excited positive way, cause as we know this time of year can be stressful in many ways!

If your a Victoria's Secret girl, then you probably feel like you can't always buy as many cute things as you want cause their favorite number over there is 50!
If you've not seen the world of Frederick's.... you need to! I made the switch years ago and haven't looked back. Don't get me wrong, I still browse and check for good deals at VS, but Frederick's get most of my spending's. Their price point is more around $29 and sometimes $19!. And there is nothing like their 5 for $25 lacey hot shorts and undies! They are the good ones that VS sells 3 for $30... you get more cuteness and more of them for a few bucks less!
This is where you should be thinking about what you have in your drawer that makes you feel good and sexy and if your having trouble finding these items... go to and get yourself something FAST! I'm more then positive you won't be in trouble for making this purchase seeing as how much better you will feel.. and so will he in return ;)
And while your at it, go get a pedicure; I'm SURE you deserve it. After all, us girls need a few of these things are all the shopping and cooking and cleaning and magic we create for the holidays, RIGHT?!?! ♥

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Feelin a little glitter....

Who doesn't love sparkles?!
I quickly ran into the store yesterday to grab a couple small bunches of flowers... I wanted reds, yellows and oranges... but it seemed as though everyone else did as well. I was less then excited about the selection. I wanted to put something "fall-ish" together but wasn't finding what I needed. SO, I grabbed one bunch of orange Gerber Daisies, 3 super small oranges, and a can of spray gold glitter and headed home.
I used a plain glass vase I had and threw the oranges in the bottom. I then realized I wanted this to be more then just a few daisies in a vase... so I ran outside and picked some leaves and berry bunches from the trees and bushes.
I submerged two of the daisies in front of the oranges and filled the top space with the leaves and berries and added the last two orange daisies. I sprayed the daisies with the gold glitter and also sprayed it in the water... its a lil hard to see the sparkles in the picture, but they're there!
It wasn't what I had in mind but I made it work and it only cost me $8. :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I show you mine, you show me yours.....

My Ofey, Emily, and I met in Vegas in June. After screaming with excitement the NEXT thing we did was empty all our lip gloss from each of our purses and took a picture. (picture is above)

A little while ago I was unsatisfied with how I stored my makeup. I couldn't find anything, it was all over the place. I kinda sorta have it all together now and it feels a little better, BUT, I wanna see yours!!! Send me a pic of your makeup station or bag, box or whatever and I will post them, without names of course, in a week. So get to it!
To the one that looks the best I will send you a one of my favorite lip glosses. (brand new of course, not the one that's actually mine :) )
Send your pics to, your have 1 week! Don't let me down girls! I wanna see your stuff and i'm sure so does everyone else and we can get some great ideas from each other!!

Here is mine, now show me yours!

Monday, November 8, 2010

From Russia, with love ♥

I wanna be like Cindy Crawford when I grow up..... is it too late? ;)
She's only 10 years older then I am.
Why does everyone seem so much older when we are younger? Do we just catch up to them?

These are new billboards in Moscow for TsUM, Eastern Europe's largest fashion department store.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Falsies or For Realsies

I have a small inner obsession with false eyelashes. I have never worn them because I can't get them on right... but I want too! I LOVE Kim Kardashian's lashes and am convinced they are fake, so I want them!
Here is a blerb and photos from A Paige of Inspiration.

A Paige of Inspiration: Falsies

Fake eyelashes are so much fun and can make a big impact on your look! I love wearing them when I get dressed up and I promise they are not hard to put on! :] They have big dramatic lashes and simple ones you can wear everyday. Suzanne (SOS - Suzanne on Style) introduced me to them and now I’m a big fan! Love them!!!

Happy Saturday Everyone!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hello World

(click to view full screen)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I'm back!

I KNOW!!! I've been missing for a few months.... and you'd think I would have all time in the world since I don't go to a 9-5 job anymore, but I'm shockingly busy all the time. Makes me wonder how I took care of things when I was in an office 8 hours a day....

Since I have been off during this career transition time, I have learned and discovered a few things....

* I'm not in hurry when I drive, and I think that pisses people off.
* The grocery store during the day could double as mommy and me class; sometimes more kids there then adults.
* I'm more overly anal about how clean my house is. So I hired a cleaning lady. LOL. Yes, seriously.
* The morning hours go by super fast
* I love Wendy Williams
* I ALWAYS need something from Target
* I sometimes obsess about the Dr. Oz show
* I get gas once every two weeks
* I usually try to have fresh flowers in the house always..
* Wanna make fancy cupcakes really bad and still haven't done it...
* Will probably wallpaper my bathroom
* I Often forget to shave under my right arm...
* I usually forget to have lunch

I should have written these things down cause I had a ton more... I will add them as I discover them...

And don't forget, I do actually have a job, just at night... when girls wanna get together for a good time, I bring the fun stuff... who wants to have Passion Party??? The holidays are the perfect time to have your girls over and check out all the fun stuff, you never know what might spark your interest :)

Friday, July 9, 2010

When Country Music goes goooooood ♥

FINALLY, someone new to rock our ears off. If you don't know David Nail, you need to. His song "Turning Home" is amazing, gives me goose bumps. He started off with "Red Light" which is equally as good. And he's not bad to look at either. ;)
Turn it up and Enjoy.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

When Country Music goes bad....

Oooooook. I was never really a hard core or even soft core Reba fan. She was just "ok" to me. But now.... I basically can't stand her. I'm completely turned off and disappointed she decided to use Beyonce's "If I Were A Boy" song. It was probably the worst move she could have made, in my opinion of course.
At her age and for how long she has been in country music she should not be covering other peoples songs. It sorta worked with Kelly Clarkson, but this only tells me she's run out. She has run out of creativity and has to use other peoples song to make her money. This song will for sure make me run the other way from her. I think it's time she hang her hat and go live in the mountains somewhere. She was better at trying to killer "Tremors" then singing this song.
It's not even the song itself either, its how she sings it and the fact that SHE'S singing it and we really don't need to hear about if she were a boy. Its so bad I cant even watch it when it come on or listen to it when I hear it. It's an embarrassment to country music. I don't even want it on my blog, its tragic. You can go to if you wanna watch this terrible rendition of a copy cat gone bad.

Happy Hump Day!!!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Freeze 24/7

I know I have been MIA here and there, but not working can be a really busy thing. I have had so much to do the last few weeks it's kept me from you all. BUT, I'm here now, and this is the first new thing I want to share with you. I was lucky enough to purchase it at a discount from when they had it but not you can find it at . Its a cleanser and mask in one! Use it as a cleanser with your face wet and just rinse off. If you use it as a mask you leave your face dry and smear it on, leave it for a lil bit then wash. I love it. I still use all my No.7 products I told you about previously at night and i LOVE them. I use this freeze 24/7 in the morning. :)
When you go to the website they have a special TV offer (not sure why or where that came from) but its a great deal for their products, I'm SURE you'll love them.

Happy Saturday!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Under Appreciated Flower...

I try to always keep fresh flowers in my house... it makes the room they are in that much nicer. I can get a lil' costly quick especially in this warmer weather. But, I wanted to remind you of how amazing the Carnation is. It's actually one of my top 3 favorite flowers. They are ruffly, and I LOVE ruffles. LOL. They are super inexpensive and the look gorgeous in large bunches. Because they are less expensive you can buy a ton of them. You can pick a couple colors and do a mix of them in vase or split them up and put them in a few rooms of your house. I love using my smaller cute drinking glasses as a vase. It's unique and they are small enough I can place bunches in all the rooms! They aren't overly sensitive to the heat either. You can even put a small arrangement in your bathroom, even with the steam from the shower they will still look perfect 4-5 days later :)
They are cost effective, live longer and smell really sweet.
Go get some today.... I did. :)

p.s. try cutting them down real short in a shorter vase, don't always leave them tall, you risk them flopping over allot easier. :)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Dont call my name dont call my name, Alejandro....

Did you really expect any less from our favorite Gaga??
If you have trouble with this video, let me help you. FIRST off, she's not doing or showing us anything that doesn't actually do on somewhere... it's out decision to look and watch. Don't read too much into it. She's a perfect example of someone having enough power to do whatever she damn well pleases in front of the camera and we will all be waiting impatiently for whats next, time after time.
Just when you think you might know what one of her songs is about, she proves us wrong. I love it. Its just entertainment, that's it. Enjoy....

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Your own personal shit meter...

An old boss of mine once told me "Everyone has their own shit meter. You have to decide where yours is so you know when you've taken as much shit from people as you can possibly handle. Once you get to that point.... your done. NO one deserves to have to go into "overflow" mode of shit".
With that being said, I reached my shit level. I've worked for a company for almost 3 years that paid me pretty well... with that, everyday was a new story of hostility, lies and verbal abuse with degrading comments. I was inside a bubble of the direct shots for about 1 1/2-2 years... and some how they ran out of people to attack and then I became fair game just like everyone else. You can take a certain amount of shit from someone and try to let it roll off your back, at some point it just doesn't roll off anymore. I had to take a look at where I was in life and what I was doing and make a choice to stay or go.
With a ton of support behind me I made the choice to walk away from my job. It feels like a big deal to me and gives me terrible anxiety when I think of walking away from a job when tons of people are suffering without one, but I masked my 9-5 misery well, but its become almost impossible to hide now.

So, now I have all this time on my hands.... for a portion of it I plan to bombard you (not totally) with how great Passion Parties is (who wants to have a party??), play with my nephew as much as I can and prepare to start dental school in July.

My honey said to me the other day, "you just have to take a chance sometimes, you can do this" and my bff said to me, "there is no time like the present, life is too short and being happy is a must!"
I can be obsessive about things sometimes, so I just keep those pieces of advice in mind and everything seems better. :)

And how do I like to celebrate? With some Gaga of course. :)

We can all use a little more Passion, contact me to book your party today! Its so much fun!

Friday, May 28, 2010


Not sure if any of you people watched the tribute to Brooks and Dunn last week, if you did I'm sure you had a few goose bump moments like me, if not, you have no have no idea what you missed out on. BUT, that's why I'm here. :) This video is of Sugarland singing Red Dirt Road. Its probably one of the most amazing different versions of a song I have ever heard. When Christian plays and Jennifer sings it brings tears to my eye, no matter what they are singing. It could be happy birthday or just reading the phone book, I'll still cry. They are two of the most talented and genuine people in country music right now and I cant get enough of them.
The video is a little over 4 minutes and it's pure brilliance. I hope you will sit for the next 4 minutes, turn it up and listen and just enjoy.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Happy Birthday to ME!

Why does getting older feel to tough... before our birthday gets here we are SO stressed about going up a number, and then once it's here it all feels the same. I don't feel like a 30 something year old. But now I have to say I'm 33 instead of 32 and I just don't like the way it sounds. I feel like a really smart 28 year old. :) But that's in my head... I for sure have new weird random pains that make you go, "what the hell is THIS I'm feeling".. and you know its cause of that getting older thing.

This last weekend was jam packed! On Saturday we went to the Strawberry Festival with a few of my favorite people. One thing I was really hoping to see was the SUN, but it decided to hide for most of the time we were there, so we froze for most of the time and the air was damp (not my favorite and not good for the hair). It was a great time though. We strawberry beer and chocolate covered strawberries and got enough strawberries to pass around to everyone at home. :)

He was so excited to find this flag for some reason :)
Sunday was good too, I had all my important people (minus 1, my ofey) at my parents. We had pool time and just hung out and had drinks and bbq'd.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Things that should be illegal...

There have been quite a few things that have come to my attention that are just so tragic or annoying that they should be illegal. I have compiled a list for you...

* Gladiator shoes. They are not cute in any way shape or form. They look terrible with everything and all on their own. And as much as I love glitter and sparkles, not even that can doll these sandals up.

* No horns, screeching, or sirens in radio commercials. This scares the shit out of me every time, plain and simple.

* Plain metal license plate frames. These are beyond annoying because right around 5 o'clock they blind you if your driving behind someone who has one. If your a girl, throw some glitter or rhinestones on that thing and it will help to not blind us with the reflection. If your a guy, just remove the damn thing, you don't really need it.

* Tribal Tattoos. They kinda don't really mean anything and your not in a tribe, so think of something else so you don't look so silly forever. But IF you ARE in a tribe then you should probably let us know, cause that's kinda important stuff we need to know. (Courtesy of Tina)

* Leaving your dog in the car while you "run" into the store. I swear if I see you do this you will get the WORST note left on your car from me. Honestly, I wish they could give tickets for this....

* Wearing flip flops that aren't white anymore. This is gross. You should know that when you purchased these white shoes that they would have a short life, so if you spent a bunch of money on them that was a mistake. It's impossible to keep them clean for a lengthy period of time and they do not look cute AT ALL if they aren't still white. :)

*Standing in the middle of a grocery store isle while your looking at something and and when I say "excuse me" (in my sweet voice) and try to pass, you look at ME like I'M the one in YOUR way. Enough said. There should be grocery store "police"... i swear.

If you have one to add, let me know ;)

Happy Lovely Monday!!! ♥

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Lovely Sunday/Monday For Mothers Day ♥

So, I have been planning this tattoo for a little while now. It's got a TON of meaning behind it and will always be super special to me. Lucky me, the spot I chose to put it is on my side/hip and is one of the most painful spots. I'm not even gonna lie, it hurt like hell. At one point I thought to myself "if I stop now I wonder how bad it will look" LOL The poor little papertowel I squeezed for 40 minutes straight was my savior.
I was breathless for a few hours after. (geezus, I sound like a weinie!)

In early 2000 my grandma was surprisingly struck with Colon Cancer. It was found randomly and it was too late to properly treat her to successfully recover. It was right around that time when we still "didn't get it" on what the hell Cancer REALLY does to you. What I do know is that she died a very tragic painful death, something I think about almost everyday, it still haunts me after 10 years. She was the sweetest, gentlest person I have ever known. She passed on
Aug 12, 2000.

In October 2007 it was discovered that my mom had the same Cancer. They express it was extremely important that they operate on her that next week. Luckily in those 7 years they had learned a little more about this evil monster. They operated on my mom that next week and everything had gone well. She had a little over a month to recover and her Chemo treatments begun. December 12, 2007 my nephew was born and was the same day of my mom's first Chemo session. The treatments were to last 6 months. It felt like a lifetime away... She had stacked treatments per week to hit it extra hard to make sure it killed the evil bastard. She went on Wednesdays for 6 hours receiving treatment, Thursdays were about 2 1/2 hours and Fridays were less then 30 minutes. I may have been on the inside of this story but I was still on the outside of how this could have possibly felt happening to her. I'm sparing you a bunch of details that weren't very sunny... like side effects and things, but the treatment basically kills you so it can save your life. On May 16, 2008, my birthday, she had her LAST Chemo treatment. It could not have been a better gift to me, and most importantly to her as well.
I'm thankful for the extra special SCAN's she got and still gets from UCLA. It's essentially a clear microscope into her body that continues to give her a green light of health to this day so we can rest a little better. My mom is one of the most strongest, amazing people I know, along with all the other Cancer survivors out there.
Cancer is an evil, evil monster, and Colon Cancer is scary. It's in the one place that men and women aren't really too excited about.
The only problem with everything you can learn about it is that there is a bunch of controversy about whether it's hereditary and if it's something you actually do in your daily life that causes it. So, there's still a ton more learning to be had...

I figure, my mom was so strong to endure all those Chemo treatments the least I could do was go thru 40 minutes of pain in her honor.

The N is for my grandma Norma and the K is for my mom Karen, the N holds the date that my grandma passed, 8.12.2000 and the K holds the date that my mom survived it 5.16.2008. The humming bird is something my grandma loved and is now cherished by my mom.

I love you mom ♥

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Love & Toast, a lil' Armor and more....

Since I missed my Lovely Monday, we'll call this Terrific Tuesday, cause I found some really cute stuff that we may not be able to live without! With Mother's day (and my birthday) right around the corner these might be helpful suggestions, if you act fast of course. ;)
(If I knew of these sooner so would you, sorry for the late notice)
Courtesy of my beloved Daily Candy, here are some cute, sweet treats and heavy metal.

Love & Toast has some of the cutest little hand cremes and perfume's. The scents look really yummy and the packaging is super catchy, (I like catchy :)). If you make a purchase from the enter DC30%OFF at check out and receive 30% off your order. :)

Armor has some of the coolest pieces I have seen in a while (since Little Rooms, scroll down the blog if you missed that one). Its jewelry for your body. Basically it's really awesome, draping yourself in metal just sounds sexy, doesn't it?
You gotta save your pennies for these pieces though, they aren't cheap, but I'm sure well worth it! My fav's are the rings and shoulder pieces... these may be on my birthday wish list. :)

I think its, Chocolate and Diamonds are a way to a girls heart, right? If your me, Diamonds for sure, the chocolate is good, but I take one bite and pass it to the left for someone else to eat cause one bit is all I can handle. BUT, these truffles from John Kelly Chocolates look amazing, I might splurge and take two bites. ;)


Friday, April 30, 2010

Fab Friday ♥

Tonight is the night! The Passion Party starts at 6:30pm, Woo Hoo!!! It will be 2 1/2 hours of toys, drinks and special yummy treats!
If you are interested in knowing more about these parties please let me know, I can provide you the information you need to host your own party, and depending on where you live I may even be your Consultant. ;)

Happy Friday!!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Say Hello to Lady A

Readers, meet Lady A (i'm SURE you know them already tho), they are your feel good, spirit lifting, car singing, super cute good time! It doesn't really matter how your feeling or what your mood is, you are happier the moment the you hear the first two cords of one of their songs. If you don't have their "Need You Now" CD drop what your doing and go get it. While your at it, get their first one too, (self titled) you will not be disappointed. In fact, you'll wonder how you made it this long without them. Plus, Hilary's voice will make you sound fabulous while you sing along, I sound JUST like her. ;) lol
(In case your wondering who the chick is thats at the beginning of the video, Laura Bell Bundy, she was the girl who was the first Elle Woods in Legally Blonde on Broadway. She decided to sing country music instead. Not sure how I feel about her. I have seen one of her videos and i'm totally annoyed that she thought it was appropriate to film almost the whole thing in the bath tub as IF thats what I wanna watch for 3 and a half minutes. Ok, enough. Enjoy!)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Super Fab Friday ♥

So, i'm in my hotmail account just now and the advertisements to the right of the screen I don't typically pay attention to EXCEPT, there was a cute girl in a cute dress and it said "ideeli" (pronounced ideally) and it said "join now for 80% off designer brands", so i clicked. I'm not even thru the whole site and its amazing. I stopped real quick to write this to you so you could go check it out. The clothes are SO cute and at really great prices. I believe you have to subscribe to buy from them... I prolly should'a read a lil more before telling you. But I joined for free to "browse" and Its $6.99 a month to join. I think im'a do it. I got thru one line, Tart, and there's 3 pieces I want. :)
Check it out! Enjoy!
Happy Fab Friday!

Lets have some Gaga to celebrate this great find. :)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Lovely Monday ♥

I have an itch to try red lipstick... but has it gone out already or is there still time left for me to attempt this?
It's a bold move and not everyone can wear it.. or can they? Is every women automatically hot with red lips?
I'm a lip gloss girl. If its not on my lips I feel naked. Actual lipstick sorta scares me because its comes off on everything... and it makes kissing your honey a total pain in the ass while your out and about. :) And I dunno if I can commit to the "long wearing" kind, I think at some point I will WANT to wipe it off... OH, but what if stains your lips? Is is like when you take your red toe nail polish off and makes your whole friggin' toe red? Then you spend an additional 15 minutes trying to get the red off your skin so you don't look like you previously had red polish on your toes...
What do you think? Would you do it? Have you done it?

Lets have some Gwen, cause she's for sure the best red lips wearer in my book. :)