Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Women Crush Wednesday

A couple weekends ago my honey got a "special" copy of the movie Trainwreck. 

If you haven't seen this yet you HAVE to. I loved it! It's the perfect amount of funny and love story all wrapped up. Amy Schumer is the best. 

There's parts where I caught myself questioning if I've really done or said that... Most times I really haven't but in some aspect we can relate to everything in this movie from either ourselves or from our friends. 
I've never really thought of Bill Hader in a love interest role but he's believable and will win your heart. 
Go watch it now! �� 

A little secret of mine is that I absolutely love Margot Robbie. And I finally got to see Focus. It's not Wolf of Wallstreet amazing but it's got a good story and entertaining. She's easy to watch, and Will Smith isn't bad either. This movie will leave you holding on to your purse a little tighter when you're out. 
It's worth a watch from redbox... Go do it. 

Margot is currently on the cover of Elle mag. That's worth a flip too... You may end up loving her as much as I do �� 
Hugs & Loves

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

CG Mid-Summer Must Haves

Eek!! Please don't tell me summer is almost over... You know me, I'll drag it out as long as I can. 

I had an involuntary break from my blogging life cause my real life needed more attention. I didn't intend for the break to be as long as it has been but I'm HAPPY to share everything I've been saving up for you! 
I'm hoping some new CG's will join the fun so if you're a new reader, welcome!

I've come across some great products this summer and can't keep them to myself so here they are...

Diamond Spray-
If you follow me on Instagram you may have saw me bragging about this hairspray. I found this at Sally's and it's great! I'm a hairspray snob and this one is my new go to and only $6.99! 
I'm over here like, #bighairdontcare

Neutrogena Hydro Boost-
My face hates weather. Weather of any kind. If the temp changes outside my skin freaks out and gets dry. I have a constant battle with finding a good moisturizer... Until now! I saw a commercial for this stuff and ran to get it. It's just under $20 and worth it! 
For no reason my skin was peeling in the same areas every morning, I was sure I was gonna run out of skin and be left with holes in my face. From day one of using this magical gel it was fixed and I've had happy skin since!! I apply it with a small cosmetic brush so I can control how much I use, you don't need much. And it's a pretty blue color. ��

Revlon PhotoReady-
I'm not a regular concealer user, BUT, when I have a little too much fun the night before (which can sometimes be often) this stuff works wonders! It's around $6 and will hide how tired you are. 

J.R. Watkins Body Oil Mist-
I'm slightly obsessed with body oil? Not as much as I am with lotion, but this spray is my favorite after shower body oil. It's not greasy, absorbs well and has a very lite sweet smell. It's perfection and around $10 at Target. 

Dollar Shave Club-
For $6 a month I've been getting these razors in the mail and I couldn't be happier that I don't ever run out or have to buy expensive razors at the store. The comes nicely packaged with fun tips inside and cute saying on the box. 
One less thing I have to worry about buying. I love it. 

Feel free to share your summer finds here in the comments or on the Facebook thread. And let me know if you snatch up any of these and end up loving them yourself! 

Hugs & Loves 


Thursday, August 21, 2014

50 Healthy Habits

The Diary is getting a facelift!

If you know me personally you know it's hard for me to not to share surprises... I did my best to keep this under wraps and I wanted to give a sneak peek of my new logo (above)!

I will officially be launching a new website that will more "real" and user friendly to you and me in about a month or so. 

This time around there's going to be a lot more interaction with you, my fellow CG's, and posts you will be able to rely on to keep your eye out for. I'm takin this thing to the next level and I hope it becomes something you look forward to reading each week! 

I know some of you are my original followers and I love you for it, so I hope you're all ready for an even better Diary!

These 50 habits are a pretty good guide for us, however, since I can be known to break a rule or two... or three, I definitely break a few of these, but at least I know it! 

If you love my new logo as much as I do and need some art work of your own done, please contact Breanne at www.breanndemack,com, she's the genius that brings my ideas to life! 


Friday, June 21, 2013

CG Summer Secrets

Happy Summer my CG's!!!

I have a few awesome products to share with you that are perfect for summer, and any time of year for that matter. Turns out, they are super duper inexpensive and you can get them almost anywhere. :) 

First up, Suave Keratin Infusion Dry Shampoo
I have a used a few different brands and randomly, this one is REALLY good, and only $2.47! You have to follow the directions and hold it 8-10 inches away from your hair to spray. It's a dry spray but has a light white powdery texture. If you have dark hair you can still use it, you just have to work it in a little more. It's best to play around and style your hair after spraying t anyway. It gives you great volume and structure. I have even used it at the start of my day for extra fluff, but it's good for after work to wake up your hair for whatever you're doing next!
It's awesome, I love it.

Next is, Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Cleanser
I LOVE this cleanser for my face. But that's not why I'm sharing it with you. The other day I ran out of shaving cream after only have shaven one leg. So, I used this on my other leg to shave. There was a HUGE difference in the feel on each of my legs. The one I used this one was way more softer. I'm not going to run an get an extra product to shave my legs with since this is so great for my face and now for shaving! The bottle is a bigger size then most cleansers too, 12 oz. It will last a good while for both purposes and runs about $8. :)

And finally, the perfect summer nail color!!!!

I got this in my June BirchBox. and I should first say that you haven't seen my Birch blogs because I had serious issues with them the last 2 months. They tried to make it right but the same problem happened. My boxes came with a product open or melted and ruined everything in the box. June was finally a good box, so I was super excited, and it also had great stuff in it, like this nail polish. It's the BEST neutral color ever!!! And will be even better with a tan. :) Its called "Mod in Manhattan" and is $8. Color Club has a good range of colors and a cute website.

Loves & Hugs